New Memoir Chronicles a Lifetime of Triumphs and Challenges in “A Book Called Stuart”

Book is pleased to announce the release of “A Book Called Stuart,” a profound and moving memoir by Stuart H. Gollinger, chronicling his life’s journey through decades of personal and professional ups and downs.

In his memoir, Stuart Gollinger shares the intimate details of his upbringing in New Haven, Connecticut, weaving a narrative that spans the joyful, the tragic, and the everyday moments that shaped him. From the vibrant community of his childhood, marked by close-knit family ties and neighborhood camaraderie, to the challenges and accomplishments of his professional life, Stuart’s story is a testament to the resilience and persistence of the human spirit.

“A Book Called Stuart” delves into the relationships that defined Stuart, including the influential figures of his father, a savvy business owner, and his mother, a devoted homemaker. It also highlights his encounters with significant mentors and friends who left indelible marks on his life, guiding him through personal and professional growth.

This memoir is not only a reflection on personal growth and familial bonds but also a tribute to the people who come into our lives, sometimes momentarily yet impactfully, shaping who we become. It’s a story of navigating the trials of life with grace and fortitude, learning the virtues of patience, humility, and compassion along the way.

Stuart H. Gollinger’s touching narrative promises to resonate with readers, offering insights into a life filled with both achievements and obstacles, and the lessons learned throughout. “A Book Called Stuart” is more than a memoir—it is a celebration of life’s complexity and the profound impact of every human connection.

“A Book Called Stuart” is available for purchase on, and at major book retailers both online and in-store.

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