New MCAT Company Continues To Produce 99th Percentile Students

A new MCAT company by the name of Axilogy MCAT Prep has continuously released score reports of students scoring in the 99th percentile. The company claims to have mastered the art of MCAT prep by only providing 1-on-1 support with trained tutors for this beastly 7 hour exam.

The premed world is continously in awe as new test prep company, Axilogy MCAT prep, continously showcases students scoring in the 99th percentile on their instagram, blog, and youtube feed. The students have left praise for the company all over the web, recognizing how the program manages their psychological health more than just their brain function.

When the AAMC released the new MCAT in 2015; many people were afraid that the new 7 hour exam would cause high scores to become increasingly more difficult to obtain. At the same time, Axilogy launched it’s first private tutoring program where two students in their first month reported scoring in the 99th percentile. The CEO claims that it was more than just the way they teach, but the ability for the students to absorb the content and gain the confidence needed for test day.

The truth is that getting on the 99th percentile part of the bell curve is near to impossible. Competing with 80,000 of the top college students in an exam that takes 7 hours is hard, but being one of 800 in the top 1% is even harder. So how is this compnay doing it even more than once?

We dug further to find out. It turns of they were recently funded for $1,000,000 by the former CEO of FlipCam; turns out he was a education fanatic himself! They were able to use this funding the reduce the cost of the program so more students could hire them as well as use PhD’s in Education and Psychology from Harvard to design the training program their tutors enter. Research has shown that untrained tutors make no signficiant impact on a student’s GPA so places like Varsity Tutors and even Kaplan cannot vouch for their tutors unless they’ve had over 10 training hours. Axilogy went one step further to make sure their tutors have a MCAT tutoring background and because of their they are able to establish a support strucutre for each student with a team of 3 just in case anything is “unsolvable”. 

This company is the annoying mom of test prep. It literally criticisizes the student each day in order to find methods of improvement. They’ve been known to track student screens to help establish work ethic and even provide sleep and diet counseling. It’s neat to see how hard our future doctors are working to get a chance to learn and work for patients throught this company. Let’s see what happens when they enter a new world outside of just the medical school entrance exam.

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