New Life Hacking App TrackDat Introduces Massive Intelligence System for Self-Tracking

Gothenburg, Sweden – Through self-tracking and networking apps, social media technology has amplified what one individual alone can do in achieving goals. Self-tracking apps alone carry the drawback of not generating enough motivation for users to carry through their chosen goals. The new app, TrackDat, aims to change all that with its interconnected, massive intelligence system.

Whether it is battling motion sickness, eating healthier or completing an exercise routine, taken alone, we may be left confused, perplexed and fail to address everyday challenges. As a life logger, connected with others, it’s much easier, and that’s what TrackDat delivers. A socially driven digital life coach, TrackDat allows users to build their personal programs, follow others who share similar programs and analyze data to reach goals together.

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Not just another life hacking or life improvement app, TrackDat is unique in the way it creates a powerful support and peer group system. The app allows tracking individually and in groups, shows how the user’s actions influence others, offers a rewarding achievement system, and has a charity donation feature when users create or follow programs. The app also offers suggestions based on other user activities that may influence their success.

“I realized that as a developer I have the power to bring advanced technology to not only [patients] but to everyone that wants to better themselves. Hence, TrackDat was born, a tool bringing powerful data analytics to analyze our lifestyles in such a way that we could never do ourselves,” says founder Mark Meurer, who saw firsthand the everyday problems of patients in a hospital setting.

TrackDat is re-imagining the way social networks function. Not merely by sharing information, but also working as a customized, streamlined channel to help achieve objectives by browsing, adding and creating programs, tracking oneself and receiving lifestyle change suggestions. It heralds a new future for social networking, where users can choose to connect their data with others and receive the boost they need.

“I strongly believe that TrackDat has the power to change the lives of millions and revolutionize the way we look at social networks,” says Mark.

Unlike other social networks, TrackDat users can hide their anonymized data even from targeted advertisers. The app comes in a free version, and the Premium edition comes with a monthly data expert chat feature.  TrackDat currently has an ongoing funding campaign live on Kickstarter.

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