New Jersey Shoplifting Attorney Adam M. Lustberg Releases Comprehensive Guide on Shoplifting Rights

New Jersey Shoplifting Attorney Adam M. Lustberg Releases Comprehensive Guide on Shoplifting Rights

New Jersey shoplifting attorney Adam M. Lustberg ( of Lustberg Law Offices, LLC, has recently published an insightful article detailing the rights of individuals accused of shoplifting in New Jersey. The article offers a deep dive into the legal implications of shoplifting charges and serves as an essential resource for understanding the potential consequences and legal paths available to the accused.

Shoplifting, often misconceived as a minor infraction, is taken seriously in New Jersey, carrying penalties that may include jail time, fines, and a lasting impact on one’s criminal record. Understanding the gravity of these charges, the New Jersey shoplifting attorney emphasizes the importance of being informed about one’s rights and the necessity of securing knowledgeable legal representation.

“Shoplifting charges can disrupt a person’s life, affecting everything from freedom to future employment prospects,” states New Jersey shoplifting attorney Adam M. Lustberg. “It’s crucial that individuals accused of shoplifting in New Jersey know their rights and seek out the right legal help to navigate these complex waters.”

The article released by the New Jersey shoplifting attorney covers the various degrees of shoplifting offenses, from disorderly persons offenses to second-degree indictable offenses, outlining the penalties that accompany each level. With the legal landscape constantly evolving, staying up-to-date with these details is essential for anyone facing shoplifting accusations.

Adam M. Lustberg advises, “If someone finds themselves accused of shoplifting, it is important to remain calm and protect their rights. They should not make any statements or sign any documents without an attorney present. The steps taken immediately following an accusation can significantly influence the outcome of the case.”

The article further explains the duration shoplifting charges remain on one’s record in New Jersey and the process of expungement, which can clear a conviction from an individual’s record. “Understanding the timeline for expungement is critical,” Lustberg adds. “It opens up opportunities for those who have served their time to move forward without the burden of their past mistakes.”

The critical difference between taking the right and wrong steps when accused of shoplifting is also highlighted. Actions such as running away from the store or attempting to pay for the item post-accusation can gravely weaken one’s case. Conversely, seeking immediate legal counsel can be the determining factor in the outcome of the charges.

Those accused of shoplifting are encouraged to educate themselves about their rights and take immediate action to defend their future. The article provides a valuable starting point for understanding the serious nature of shoplifting charges in New Jersey.

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