New Jersey Shoplifting Attorney Adam H. Lustberg Releases Informative Article on Shoplifting Rights

New Jersey Shoplifting Attorney Adam H. Lustberg Releases Informative Article on Shoplifting Rights

New Jersey shoplifting attorney Adam H. Lustberg ( has recently released an article titled “What Are Your Rights If Accused Of Shoplifting In New Jersey?” The article provides valuable information on the legal rights of individuals accused of shoplifting and the penalties associated with this offense in New Jersey.

According to the article, despite being perceived as a minor or juvenile offense, shoplifting is a serious crime in New Jersey, with convictions potentially leading to jail time, costly fines, and a mark on one’s criminal record. This can have repercussions on a person’s personal and professional life. New Jersey shoplifting attorney Adam H. Lustberg emphasizes the importance of seeking legal help from an experienced attorney to understand one’s rights and build a strong legal defense.

New Jersey shoplifting attorney Adam H. Lustberg explains in the article that shoplifting penalties in New Jersey vary depending on the value of the property alleged to have been stolen. It can be charged as a disorderly persons offense or an indictable offense, with penalties ranging from up to six months in county jail for the former to five to ten years in prison for the latter. Additionally, community service, probation, and suspension of the defendant’s driver’s license may be imposed.

The article also discusses the factors that influence how long it takes to receive a summons for shoplifting and the statute of limitations for shoplifting charges in New Jersey. For example, if the value of the stolen items is less than $200, the offense is classified as a disorderly persons offense with a statute of limitations of one year. If the value exceeds $200, the offense is considered an indictable offense or felony, with a statute of limitations of five years.

New Jersey shoplifting attorney Adam H. Lustberg provides advice on what to do and what to avoid when accused of shoplifting. He recommends remaining calm and composed, not attempting to pay for the item or make any statements to store staff, not trying to run away from the store, and seeking legal help as soon as possible. A competent attorney can help individuals understand their rights and prevent store managers or staff from harassing them for information or admitting to shoplifting.

For those facing shoplifting charges, it is essential to secure the assistance of a skilled New Jersey shoplifting attorney. Lustberg Law Offices, LLC, led by top-rated criminal defense attorney Adam M. Lustberg, offers quality legal assistance and leverages extensive knowledge of New Jersey law to aggressively defend clients’ rights and liberty. The team of legal professionals diligently investigates each case and provides personalized legal assistance.

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