New Jersey Real Estate Lawyer Christine Matus Clarifies the Difference Between Real Estate Purchase Agreements and Offers

New Jersey Real Estate Lawyer Christine Matus Clarifies the Difference Between Real Estate Purchase Agreements and Offers

New Jersey real estate lawyer Christine Matus (, of The Matus Law Group, has recently shed light on a common point of confusion in the real estate industry: the distinction between a real estate purchase agreement and an offer. In her latest article, Matus explains the legal implications and necessary components that buyers and sellers must be aware of when navigating the property market.

The process of buying a home can be fraught with complexity and legal nuances. It is a time when the guidance of a legal professional becomes invaluable. As New Jersey real estate lawyer Christine Matus elaborates in her article, while an offer initiates the potential for a transaction, it is the acceptance and the subsequent real estate purchase agreement that solidify the terms and conditions under which a property will be bought or sold.

According to the New Jersey real estate lawyer, “When one makes an offer on a house, they are essentially proposing a set of terms under which they are willing to purchase the property. However, it’s not until the offer is accepted and a purchase agreement is in place that these terms become legally binding” She stresses the importance of having a lawyer review this agreement to ensure that one’s interests are fully protected and that the agreement is comprehensive.

A real estate offer in New Jersey must include several critical elements, such as the offered price, deposit amount, potential closing date, desired inclusions with the home, and any contingencies. The New Jersey real estate lawyer emphasizes the significance of these details, advising that once an offer is accepted and becomes a purchase agreement, there is a three-day period during which either party can withdraw if the terms do not meet their approval.

Christine Matus points out additional crucial clauses that should be part of any robust purchase agreement. “Financing contingencies, closing costs allocations, home inspection outcomes, and even the sale of the buyer’s current home can all be stipulated within the agreement,” says Matus. She also notes that these elements help safeguard the buyer’s interests, preventing unforeseen obligations if certain conditions, like financing approval, are not met.

One particular aspect of the real estate market that Matus addresses in her article is the illegal practice of tie-in agreements. These arrangements, where sellers condition property sales on the purchase of unrelated products or services, violate federal antitrust laws. Matus highlights that understanding these regulations is crucial, as they are designed to protect the integrity of the market and consumer choice.

Christine Matus further emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between a purchase agreement and an offer, stating, “This understanding is central to a smooth transaction process, helping both buyers and sellers protect their interests and achieve a successful property transfer.”

Those involved in the New Jersey real estate market are encouraged to consider the insights provided by Christine Matus, as they navigate the complexities of real estate transactions.

For those taking their first steps towards property ownership, recognizing the difference between an offer and a purchase agreement is essential. The New Jersey real estate lawyer is dedicated to providing the legal guidance necessary for informed decisions and successful real estate transactions.

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