New Jersey investor creates bullet-proof Mutual Fund portfolios for small investors

Seasoned New Jersey investor, Steven Kinney, launches bullet-proof Mutual Fund portfolios for the small investor to model their retirement portfolios after

Mutual Fund Fun is the newest mutual fund portfolio created by highly experienced investor in mutual funds, Steven Kinney in a bid to provide a template that small investors can copy and implement to ensure comfortable retirement. The New Jersey investor of no-load mutual funds is creating the opportunity that allows for effective retirement planning and profitable mutual fund investing with five model portfolios to choose from at $99.00 each.

Financial Planning is important to everyone regardless of the age, gender or financial status. Financial planning is particularly important for a pleasurable retirement. The lack of adequate information and inaccessibility to financial advisors has been major constraints to effective financial planning. Consequently, Steven Kinney, an experienced investor in mutual and Vanguard funds has created a platform that allows small investors to enjoy the same returns as the group.

Steven Kinney has been investing in mutual funds for over 25 years and has remained fully invested through the Dot-com bubble burst of 2000 and the 2008 Financial Crisis debacle. “Those that forget history, are doomed to repeat it”, states Steven Kinney. “Just because the markets are wildly up currently, you should not forget to be diversified in your mutual fund holdings”, continues Mr. Kinney.

He clearly discloses 10 years of past performance result of five model portfolios, on his website Mutual Fund, starting with 2008 – the year of the Financial Crisis; where the stock market lost over 35%.  His model portfolios gained anywhere from 14.30% to losses as low as only 1.33%.

Mutual Fund Fun is creating a unique opportunity for profitable mutual fund diversification with a one-time payment of just $99 per model portfolio chosen. It is never too early to start investing, as $1 invested at age 25 is said to be worth about $45.26 at the age of 65.

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