New Jersey DUI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Publishes In-Depth Article on the Intricacies of the New Jersey Surcharge System

New Jersey DUI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Publishes In-Depth Article on the Intricacies of the New Jersey Surcharge System

New Jersey DUI lawyer Rachel Kugel ( has recently released an informative and comprehensive article detailing the ‘New Jersey Surcharge’ system. This insightful piece is a must-read for anyone navigating the complexities of New Jersey’s traffic laws and penalties, especially those facing DUI charges.

In the first few paragraphs, the article explains the purpose and function of the surcharge system in New Jersey, which is an additional penalty imposed on individuals for certain traffic violations, including DUI. As the New Jersey DUI lawyer explains, “The surcharge system is designed to encourage safer driving behaviors and generate funds for the state’s Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).”

The New Jersey DUI lawyer further emphasizes the overwhelming nature of the surcharge system for those dealing with DUI charges, given its legal and financial implications. However, she reassures that a proficient DUI lawyer can help individuals understand this system and make informed decisions that could potentially reduce or eliminate surcharges effectively.

The article continues by offering a detailed breakdown of what constitutes a surcharge in New Jersey and how the surcharge system works. Kugel explains that the surcharge amount is predetermined based on the severity of the offense and is payable annually for three consecutive years. The New Jersey DUI lawyer also underscores the potential consequences of failing to pay the surcharge on time, such as the suspension of driving privileges.

Kugel then delves into the specifics of New Jersey’s points system, which forms the basis of the surcharge system. The more points a driver accumulates, the higher the surcharge they will have to pay. “Once a driver accumulates six or more points on their driving record, they become subject to the surcharge system,” Kugel explains.

The article also provides an overview of the specific traffic violations that can lead to surcharges and the reasons for the surcharge in New Jersey. DUI, driving without insurance, reckless driving, and driving with a suspended license are some of the offenses that carry high point values and result in a surcharge.

Kugel then explores the legal options for challenging a surcharge in New Jersey. She explains several strategies, including mounting a strong defense, pursuing pretrial diversion programs, challenging the legality of the stop or arrest, and seeking acquittal at trial. The New Jersey DUI lawyer emphasizes that avoiding a surcharge primarily depends on successfully challenging the underlying charges.

For those dealing with traffic violations or the surcharge system in New Jersey, this comprehensive article is an invaluable resource. It underscores the importance of understanding the intricacies of the surcharge and points system, the potential consequences of traffic violations, and the legal strategies that can be employed to challenge these charges effectively.

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