New Jersey DUI Attorney Rachel Kugel Releases Comprehensive Article on DUI and DWI

New Jersey DUI Attorney Rachel Kugel Releases Comprehensive Article on DUI and DWI

New Jersey DUI attorney Rachel Kugel ( of The Kugel Law Firm has recently published an informative article outlining the distinct features and consequences of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) in New Jersey. The article serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to understand the nuances between these two charges within the state’s legal framework.

The article by the New Jersey DUI attorney sheds light on the complexities of New Jersey’s DUI and DWI laws. It explains that in New Jersey, the terms DUI and DWI are used interchangeably, encompassing a variety of scenarios in which a driver may be found impaired by alcohol or other substances, such as illegal drugs or prescription medications.

The New Jersey DUI attorney emphasizes that despite DWI offenses being treated as traffic offenses in most cases, the consequences can be severe. “Drivers should be aware that exceeding the legal BAC limit or driving while impaired by any substance carries serious consequences, including potential jail time,” Kugel notes in her article.

The comprehensive piece delves into the legal consequences of DUI and DWI offenses, highlighting the penalties which may include driver’s license suspension, mandatory education programs, and even incarceration. Rachel Kugel discusses the differences in penalties based on various factors such as the driver’s BAC level and prior offenses.

The impact of DUI and DWI on one’s driver’s license is a focal point of the article. Kugel explains that license suspensions and the requirement for ignition interlock devices are common penalties, with the duration of suspension varying based on the offense and the driver’s history.

In her article, Kugel also describes the methods New Jersey law enforcement uses to measure blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels and assess impairment, including breath and blood tests. She makes it clear that refusal to submit to a breath test can lead to separate charges with its own set of fines and penalties.

The article proceeds to explore the penalties for DUI in New Jersey, which, for first-time offenses, can range from license suspension and fines to possible incarceration. For those with repeat offenses, the sanctions become more stringent, with longer suspensions and mandatory jail time.

Rachel Kugel also addresses the more severe penalties that can arise from aggravating factors, such as higher BAC levels or the presence of controlled dangerous substances. She points out that in addition to legal penalties, a DWI conviction can lead to increased auto insurance rates, as insurers may view individuals with such convictions as high-risk drivers.

The article emphasizes the importance of a robust defense strategy and states that a skilled New Jersey DWI defense lawyer will carefully examine the evidence to counter the prosecution’s claims. It encourages individuals seeking legal support to contact The Kugel Law Firm, highlighting that their experienced attorneys are ready to defend clients’ rights and strive for the most favorable result.

For individuals facing DUI or DWI charges, understanding their legal situation is the first step toward an effective defense. The Kugel Law Firm encourages anyone in this position to read the article and consider the importance of having competent defense representation.

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