New ‘Hybrid Apparel’ by Hungry Athletics Set to Revolutionize Athletic Wear

Calgary, Canada – Athletes looking for ‘all-in-one’ apparel may not have to wait longer. Hungry Athletics, a new apparel start-up, has come up with a revolutionary concept in athletic wear that does away with the need to buy a different set of clothes to fit changing situations.

Busy athletes know the grind. Hopping from the gym or stadium back home, going to work, and back again to relax at home or go out dining with friends, these are situations where no one style fits all. Hungry Athletics will now lead the fashion trends with its new concept of clothes that mix Lycra with cotton in an intricate manner to create clothes that meet the two essential conditions athletes want from their garments: functionality and ‘athleisure’.

Hungry Athletics has hit upon a new way to look at athletes’ garments. It aims to unlock their full potential, and let athletes build their true and best self. The idea for the new ‘all-in-one’ apparel took shape with the intent to free athletes from frequent shopping sprees, and at the same time give them a tool to construct their best look. The garments also had to be functional, and provide pure performance on the streets. The resultant ‘hybrid apparel’ is expected to create a new movement in athletic wear, with the brand name matching the hunger for success that all athletes possess.

“We want to bring to you the power to dominate any and every aspect of your life. Your hard-work, your grind and your hustle, is what we pursue to strengthen!” said Jesse Flora.

The new line of apparel will soon feature its Kickstarter campaign, and those who wish to receive exclusive discounts or be notified of the launch can sign up on the Hungry Athletics website.

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