New Frugal and Environmental Vehicle – Airwheel Electric Vehicles with Dual Ride Mode

With the increasing number of cars in all around the world, our world is in high gasoline consumption and in severe environmental pollution. As a result, the oil prices are soaring. A more economical and Environmental way of trip mode is becoming vogue. Airwheel has released two self-balancing electric scooters S6 and S8.It will be a new frugal and environmental vehicle in daily life.

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With the rapid energy consumption, the situation is getting worse. Car usage is increasing. Petroleum costs are rising. Parking spaces are scarce. People are stressed out. Every day driver wanders to find a parking space. Airwheel, one of the world leading smart transportation device manufactures, is on the mission to pull people out of this dilemma. Right here, right now. Airwheel has introduced more convenient vehicle, 2-wheeled electric scooters S6 and S8.

Airwheel mini electric scooters

Airwheel mini electric scooters, S6 and S8 have saved drivers’ gas expenses by a new and interesting vehicle. With charging battery, the rider can save energy and money on oil as well. Both scooters adopt the seat cushion

It allows the riders to have the likely same feelings with the car while not need of searching for parking place. With the weight less than 15kg, S6 and S8 is handy and portable. It is feasible to ride S6 and S8 to work, travel and date. Compared with cars, S6 and S8 can be a more economical way of trip.

sitting-posture electric scooters

Both shells are made of technological and environmental materials. The surfaces are wear-resisting, scratch-resistance, insulation and resistance to chemical corrosion. Even in poor weather, the rubber pedals makes the riding with S6 and S8 sitting-posture electric scooters possible.  With intelligent sensor systems, the riders can control them by simply leaning forward and backward. S6 and S8 are also affordable at a relatively modest price.

There is nothing more economical than mini electric scooter especially in the times of high oil price and severe pollution. S6 and S8 seem a good idea since you can enjoy a journey, not worry about the high oil price and pollute the environment. Save time. Save oil. Save money. Through this new self-balancing electric scooter, the public is directly engaged with the company’s identity for a better world and intelligent life.

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