New Face Paint Brand Wins Amazon ‘Best Seller’ Status

“The Awesome Fun Face Paint Kit with Stencils”
The ‘AWESOME FUN’ face paint brand has quickly established itself as a leading force in the world of face painting, since all 3 products in the Awesome Fun face paint kit range have now received Amazon ‘Best Seller’ status.

Since their launch in January, Awesome Fun face paints have taken the market by storm, receiving rave reviews from parents and children alike.  Every new product that has been launched by Awesome Fun has been a huge hit, and this has now resulted in all 3 products in the range receiving Amazon ‘Best Seller’ status, as demonstrated by the ‘best seller’ badge displayed on the product listing on

A spokesperson from AWESOME FUN said:

“We are so thrilled to have established ourselves as a market leader so quickly!  We never dreamed it could happen as fast as it has, but we spotted a need in the market for much better quality face paint, so we just went for it.  Now that people have experienced this great quality, we have really managed to establish ourselves as a leading provider of face paint kits for kids.”

Awesome Fun face paint was created by a Mom who understands just how important good quality is when it comes to anything you are putting on your child’s skin.

“As a parent myself I know I wouldn’t accept anything less than the very best quality with anything I put onto my daughter’s skin.  But the fact is that most manufacturers of face paint specialize in toys – not cosmetics.  Some of the products we have found in our research contain really nasty ingredients.  We use cosmetic, professional grade face paint that has been thoroughly tested under laboratory conditions.  It is the best quality available on the market by a long way.”

Reviewer Sarah Mack commented:

‘I love face painting! The problem with face painting is that my children always react to the ingredients in oil based products used at carnivals, parties, etc. This product is water based and I feel much safer knowing my kids will not have a reaction and that it will wipe off easily. I find the product very easy to use by just adding water and very easy to take off of skin and clothes with normal washing. I DEFINITLY would recommend this product for any face painters to use as their go-to product.”

But it is not only the quality of the face paint itself that Awesome Fun have addressed.  They have also paid close attention to the container that the face paints sit inside.

“The container that is most suitable for face paint really depends on how you’re going to use it.  If you’re buying the face paint set for home use, and for maybe just a few children, a strong plastic mould is absolutely fine for this purpose – there’s no need to pay a fortune for something like this.  Something like our face paint kit with stencils will be perfect for this purpose.

But if you’re having a party or event with lots of people having their faces painted, or if you wish to transport the kit or use it frequently, you really need something much more hard wearing that comes in more sturdy packaging.”

The Extra-Large Face Paint Kit comes in a longer-lasting and sturdy hinged case, so it keeps the face paints well protected for repeated use.  Each face paint pot comes with its own individual lid too, for added protection.  This makes them ‘splash-proof’ so the other colors do not leak into them.  Each paint color is removable too, which makes it easy to paint each part of the design you are creating.

Awesome Fun’s Marketing Director said:

“We did a lot of market research before we launched each product.  We wanted to know what type of face painting kit parents wanted.  So we listened to what people said and acted on their comments to create what is now a best selling range of products.  I think that has been key to our success.”

By including 3 brushes in their extra-large face painting set rather than the usual 2 brushes, parents don’t need to wash the brushes out so much, and the addition of an ultra-fine brush means that more elaborate designs are possible.

Stephanie Beckham, who reviewed the extra-large face paint palette after using it to paint her little boy’s face, commented:

“I love the 3 different brushes, thick, thin, and med. The thin makes it easy to trace the outsides to hide any mistakes ;)”

By winning the Amazon ‘Best Seller’ badge for all 3 of the face paint kit products in the Awesome Fun range, the company has established itself as ‘America’s favorite face paint’ and now uses this description regularly after an influx of hugely complimentary reviews.

Annette Weber-Smith said in her review:

“I’ve ordered three sets from this company… been absolutely thrilled with each set!  We had a face painting party and had a blast!  Halloween is right around the corner and we plan on using this kit to make our ‘costume’ more fun! Easy to use, easy to clean up. My personal opinion is this is a quality product worth your time if you are planning a face painting party!”

A company spokesperson said:

“We have gone from strength to strength with each product we have launched, and children across the USA seem to really love our products.  We look forward to bringing even more awesome face painting fun to the American public as the company continues to grow.”

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You can purchase the best selling Extra-Large Face Paint Kit for Kids here and the best selling Face Paint Kit with Stencils here.

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