New dry sheet nanofiber masks launched on Kickstarter are here revolutionize the everyday beauty regimen

Nanopharma’s Skincare brand [n]fibrecare has launched the unique dry sheet masks with nanotechnology that eliminates the hassles of dealing with wet, slippery masks and provides effective skin care. The product, now available on Kickstarter for pre-order has received a good initial response from the backers around the world. The campaign will only be funded if it reaches its goal of $15000 by May 24th, 2018.

The [n]fibrecare has also been selected as 1 of 3 finalists for the Industry Prize for Cosmetic Victories 2018, one of the most prestigious cosmetic competitions. The brand is excited to be selected out of 72 innovative projects from 14 different countries. As a finalist, they will have the honor to pitch their project in front of the Final Jury on June 19th in Paris. The Final Jury will be composed of scientific and innovation cosmetic experts and members of the major companies (CLARINS, SHISEIDO, NUXE, LVMH) and top names in the perfume and cosmetics sector.

The brand [n]fibrecare is run by a group of women entrepreneurs who realized the shortcomings with the traditional sheet masks such as messy application, harmful ingredients in some of the masks and a long application time of 20 to 30 minutes. Their goal was to develop a sheet mask that would not only overcome these issues but also be equally effective for all kinds of women regardless of their skin type or age. After a couple of years of research and development, the team came up with the Dry Sheet Nanofibre Mask line, the dry and mess-free sheet mask.

The dry sheet Nanofibre sheet mask is based on the nanofiber technology which is only activated when in touch with moistened skin. The Nanofibres are biodegradable and dissolve on the user’s skin providing the maximum benefits. The mask uses minimal and potent ingredients and is free from parabens, silicones, perfumes, colorings or acrylates. They are also 100% cruelty-free.

The dry sheet mask is made of dry to touch nanofiber membrane on a nonwoven substrate incorporating a mixture of active ingredients inside the fibers. Unlike the wet sheet masks that leave residue on skin after being applied or require the user to massage-in the ingredients, the dry sheet mask allows the ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, leaving it absolutely clean for makeup application or further skin care steps. It works all its magic in only 8 minutes and suitable for all skin types including the sensitive skin. The user can simply wet or tone their skin using water or water-based serum and apply the nanofiber mask to get the best results.

The [n]fibrecare has currently launched four types of masks that provide different benefits to the skin including, Regenerate & Revitalize, Moisturize and Rejuvenate, Skin Conditioning and the Professional Inert Dry sheet mask. The brand is using minimalistic packaging to reduce their waste impact. Although there are a few other dry sheet masks available in the market, most of them require the user to actively massage for a release of their active content but not the [n]fibrecare Dry sheet nanofiber mask.

The backers who support the product on Kickstarter can get the nanofiber dry sheet mask at up to 70% off. More information about the product and the campaign rewards can be found at

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