New Decentralized Wallet Platform, Eth.Limited, Set To Revolutionize the Crypto Market

February 14, 2020 – New Decentralized wallet platform, Eth.Limited is a new solution in the Crypto market with an array of unique and industry-redefining features. Eth.Limited has a 10% per month profit-making system called Staking, which guarantees investors maximum wallet security and portfolio growth. Designed for sustainable growth, the Staking reduces by 20% each January in a bid to promote the long-term development of ELD. Eth.Limited is a unique Staking, Dapp Gambling, and BO trading platform. 

Eth.Limited relies on the latest Ethereum frameworks like the FV analysis of the Ethereum 2.0 deposit smart contract bytecode. Bytecode is a low-level code that runs in the Ethereum Virtual Machine (VM). The Ethereum VM takes code written in Solidity and then translates and runs it in the VM as bytecode. Having an audit of this code for ETH 2.0’s deposit contract is a big step forward. 

“We are glad to finally have Eth.Limited ready to hit the market as our team has taken out their time to do all the hard work to ensure Crypto users experience a new level of possibilities. Our framework is not only strong; it takes care of much vulnerability in other smart contracts by preventing semantic errors using Formal Verification (FV). This means glitches like the DAO hack can happen, contrary to the intentions of the creator of the smart contract,” says Spokesperson of Eth.Limited.

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He says further, “Our staking platform allows you to earn up to 10% each month from your invest package. As you may know already that Staking as opposed to mining, has nothing to do with machines’ graphic cards and e.t.c. Staking is when you put up your balance of tokens as a security deposit for the right to validate transactions, and you get rewarded for this.” 

Eth.Limited is a Decentralized application (DAPP) compliant with the ERC-20 standard on an etherum network basis. Eth.Limited sets another pace as it keeps expanding towards IoT devices by only using DB solution products such as Meter Data Management (MDM) and Smart Grid Gateway.

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