New cryptocurrency AURUM X fuses the power of virtual money with the reliability of gold

AURUM X is a newly launched cryptocurrency and mining ecosystem which is backed by the stability of solid gold. It is based on the value of gold with the belief that gold never changes and offers comparatively safer investment than other crypto projects in the market. Despite the cryptocurrency boom in the past one year, a number of people are still feeling reluctant to invest in it due to lack of knowledge, uncertainty related to it and the volatile nature of the market. AURUM X brings a solution to this issue with the use of ‘real gold’ as a base for the value of their digital currency.

AURUM X has two tokens, the AURUM X and AURUM V. X token is an ERC-20 type token that offers reliability through the smart contracts. The holders of this token are donated AURUM V TOKENs for the compensation to construct a gold-based electronic money ecosystem. The V token, on the other hand, is a cryptocurrency that is issued as much as real gold assets based on the profits earned from the blockchain technology. Gold is secured on the base of operating profits through large-scale mining centers, electronic money exchange, the sale of the gold product, discount shopping centers, etc.

AURUM X provides all the benefits of a traditional cryptocurrency while eliminating its intangible nature by replacing it with real gold. AURUM X mines Bitcoin and various altcoins using the optimized digital mining systems and the profits from the mining centers are used to purchase, store, and verify gold from 3 certified agencies.

Since V tokens are issued equal to the number of gold assets, it is not affected by the volatility of Bitcoin and Ethereum. As the AURUM X mining centers will grow, it will also increase the number of tokens distributed. The rapidly increasing gold will then be shared with the X token holders. Also, AURUM X owns large mines for self-growth and does not pass the costs of infrastructure and mining to the token holders.

AURUM X plans to expand its ecosystem by airdropping the V tokens to the X token holders. As the AURUM X project grows further, the dominance of gold will continue to grow and the token holders will have the ability to dominate the global money market apart from increasing the value of their holding assets. The ICO of AURUM X is now live on their official website since August 1st

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