New Commenting Platform Solution, Hyvor Talk, Is Fast Changing How People Interact With Blogs

January 29, 2020 – Fast growing internet startup, Hyvor, proudly announces the launch of an industry redefining comment management platform, Hyvor Talk. Hyvor Talk is a modern, privacy-focused commenting platform designed to improve engagement, generate user content, improve traffic, and boost overall SEO value. Set to revolutionize the concept of blog comments, Hyvor has a modern look, interactive interface, and security. 

Comments can be used to further relationships between bloggers and their readers, provide social proof, or improve reader engagement through feedbacks. Blog comments allow blog owners to understand better the type of content readers want and using such data to improve their overall content quality. The act of commenting increases the likelihood of readers subscribing to an email newsletter or purchase down the road. 

Hyvor Talk is a product of curiosity and passion for helping improve the way people interact with the blogs they read. While as a student, I found the popular commenting platforms to be a big turn off, so I decided to do something about it. After lots of hours waking up learning and coding in the night, Hyvor Talk is now ready to help you connect with your readers and allow them to share their thoughts better than ever before,” says Supun Kavinda. 

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He says further, “Unlike Disqus, Hyvor Talk is ad-free, has affordable pricing, provides full customization, powerful AJAX-based console, and a stylish UI. Our goals are to change the way people comment and improve blog engagement for bloggers. Hyvor Talk is gaining improved acceptability in the market as more bloggers discover how powerful our plugin is.” 

Some of the unique features of Hyvor Talk include:

  1. Single Sign-On: Allows users to comment using their account on the website. Blog readers do not have to use any external account to comment.
  2. Seamless Comment Importing: Import comments from other platforms from WordPress or Disqus.
  3. Multi-language and Email notifications.
  4. Effective Anti-Spam protection and comment moderation. 


Hyvor is a tech-startup located in Sri Lanka. Led by a dynamic web developer, Supun Kavinda, Hyvor was started in 2018 to create tech-solutions that make the world a better place. Supun Kavinda is a self-taught programmer who decided to build a world-class commenting platform when he had problems finding an ad-free and easy to use commenting platform. Some of Hyvor’s products include Hyvor Talk and Hyvor Groups.

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