New Businesses Aim to Reduce Overhead by Ditching the Wearhouse Model

New businesses are looking for ways to cut overhead costs, increase their profits and pass those savings to their customers to compete in today’s market. However, one thing remains the same if a business is selling a product, that product takes up space, and space costs money. Often businesses turned to warehouses when their company reached the next level. However, warehouses can be costly and require long-term commitments from a business. So these days, creative entrepreneurs are turning to a more cost-effective method of storing their products – mobile storage trailers.

Most small to midsized businesses cannot afford to build a warehouse even as they grow to need that type of storage. Business owners have been known to take over their home space leaving little room for family, and turn garages into storage solutions, but more often than not, this hinders a business even though it can save money.

These days, however, there is an affordable and movable solution. There are a variety of options when it comes to mobile storage trailers. Businesses can opt to buy trailers that can then be parked on land they already own or acquire for such purposes. There can be significant benefits with purchasing a storage trailer vs. building or renting a warehouse on top of the lower costs.

With a trailer, there is no waiting for the facility to be ready. Once it’s parked, products can be stored and locked without any further work. Some options allow a business to pay a monthly fee to park a storage trailer in a secure facility, still allowing for access to products without needing land.

Trailers can provide solutions for businesses with seasonal products. For example, suppose a company makes customizable holiday products. In that case, they may be hard-pressed to find room to store all that inventory during the rest of the year, but they also can’t justify the expense of renting expensive warehouse space just for that.

“Anyone who’s ever run a small business making things knows there is just never enough space. Design and product production takes up a lot of room. It’s amazing how quickly production can take over something like a two-car garage. Trailers are a convenient and more affordable way to store inventory and keep the existing business space for creating.” Said a spokesperson for the company.

Businesses will sometimes opt to rent trailers for more short-term storage solutions. But, often companies, find that buying the trailer outright is the way to make it the most affordable investment into their growing company.

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