New book “Two Years: Quest for Money, Purpose, and Love” by Max Tower is released, an inspiring memoir that chronicles world travel, spiritual transformation, and life with meaning

New book "Two Years: Quest for Money, Purpose, and Love" by Max Tower is released, an inspiring memoir that chronicles world travel, spiritual transformation, and life with meaning

“Two Years: Quest for Money, Purpose, and Love” by Max Tower has been released worldwide. While this ~220-page book appears as a travel memoir at its surface, it delves much deeper into the transformative, enlightening lessons the author learned and experienced first-hand over the course of his two-year journey around the world. Leaving a lucrative (yet unfulfilling) career in investment banking to embark on a quest for personal growth, Max leaned into discomfort, challenged his assumptions about the world, and found new ways of living a meaningful, joyous life. 

Spurred by a move to New York City, pandemic-induced loneliness, and unanswered existential questions, Max reached a point where his soul was crying out for a radical change. Despite fear and hesitation, he decided to take an unstructured break from his routines that led to insightful world travel and a complete realignment of his priorities, outlook, and actions in life. He went from focusing on cold logic and numbers to embracing feeling and intuition, found ways to give back to those in need, and dismantled the ego-identity that kept him stuck in a limited way of thinking for so many years.

With candid reflections, honesty about gains and losses on his travels, and valuable wisdom that applies to all walks of life, this memoir goes beyond just telling the author’s story in order to offer inspiration and motivation for readers looking to change their lives for the better. Using Max’s path as a guide for reframing what matters most, people can find new ways of fulfillment, transcend old patterns of behavior, and see the world from an entirely new perspective. 

Part of the author’s journey includes charitable giving, seeing the importance of supporting those in need both financially and spiritually as a guiding principle of his new approach to life. With this in mind, a portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to charity worldwide. Each book contains a QR code that allows readers to log in and vote online for a cause of their choice, ushering in a new era of print utility and governance that uniquely involves the audience into the giving process. 

Available in both English and Spanish, this incredible book spans the genres of memoir, self-help, and spirituality by showing the possibilities found on the other side of fear and discomfort. The only way out of fear is through the fear. By joining Max’s eye-opening journey, each reader will surely find their message of wisdom that redefines what it truly means to live a purposeful life. 

Two Years: Quest for Money, Purpose, and Love (ISBN: 9781961532656) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The paperback retails for $16.95 and the ebook retails for $2.99 (promotional price). Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

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From the back cover:


That is precisely what Max had to do. He felt stuck in his life and was yearning for something more meaningful. After years of working in investment banking in Frankfurt, London, and New York, he finally pulled the trigger to quit his job—or rather, ego-identity? What followed was two years of world travel, significant personal transformation, and rediscovery of our true essence. 

His travel memoir spiked with insights on spirituality and life wisdom, takes you, the reader, along the journey with him. In Max’s Quest of Money, Quest for Purpose, and Quest for Love, you will see what he sees, feel what he feels, and grow with him.

While he gained and lost a lot along the way, he eventually realized what is really important in life: Supporting people in need—spiritually as well as financially. With this book, Max hopes to achieve exactly that. Each one of you will be interactively involved in the decision process. Welcome to a new era of print utility and governance!

About the author:

Max Tower is the pen name for his eye-opening travel memoir Two Years. In the past, Max worked in investment banking across Frankfurt, London, and New York until he reached the point where he was longing for something more meaningful. He quit his job and ego-identity to embark on a two-year journey around the world, during which he learned to approach life from an entirely new perspective. For that, Max switched from rationality, logic, and numbers to feeling, trust, and intuition. A 180-degree change to life.

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