New book The Performing Heart interweaves spiritual truths and science to offer a unique heart-based approach to healing anxiety.

New book The Performing Heart interweaves spiritual truths and science to offer a unique heart-based approach to healing anxiety.

With her latest book, The Performing Heart: How to Escape the Trap of Relentless Performing and Enter the Security of God’s Rest, Susan Bowman offers a unique heart-based approach to overcoming the two most common causes of persistent anxiety: performing for acceptance and parentification.

This powerful, 143-page book is a combination of meaningful scripture, scientific research, and practical wisdom that shines light on the beliefs that compel anxious, unhealthy behaviors. As a rule, books about this topic focus on changing behaviors. This book does not. It focuses on why the behaviors exist by uncovering the hidden beliefs fueling the anxiety. Then it teaches how to bring these secrets buried within the heart to God so that they can be resolved. This approach results in lasting healing and freedom, making a secure and restful relationship with God and others a reality.

Drawing from over 20 years of experience as a minister of inner healing, Bowman teaches that the heart is both a thinking part of the body and a spiritual center. She explains that a heart-first approach to life helps people overcome the compulsion to fix everything, the need to impress others, and the haunting sense of not being good enough, as well as many other issues that plague our anxious society. 

With empowering Bible verses, step-by-step prayers, and compelling prompts for deep reflection, this book has the power to shift perspectives, open hearts, and change lives for the better. 

The Performing Heart (ISBN: 9781960142511) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The paperback retails for $14.95. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram. Review copies and interviews are available upon request. The author can be contacted via email at

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From the back cover:

Are you tired of performing for acceptance? Sick of being an approval junkie and people pleaser? Exhausted from carrying everyone’s burdens while ignoring your own needs? Sounds like you are ready for the freedom and rest found in The Performing Heart. Journey with Susan Bowman, minister of inner healing and deliverance, as she skillfully guides you on an exploration of the secrets hidden within your heart. You will discover the reasons behind performance-based behaviors and how to escape their grip. Step-by-step, prayerful instructions will gently lead you into God’s promised rest. You can be free. You can rest.

“This valuable and useful book is for those seeking emotional healing as well as for ministers wanting to add more tools to their belts. The last chapter teaches forgiveness in a way that is profound and accessible to those who struggle to forgive.”- Kimberlee Herman, MSW, LCPC, best-selling author and Christian counselor, Phoenix, AZ

“This book offers a clear path towards freedom in Christ. It is practical with well-organized bullet-point prayers that are both firm and kind in tone. The Performing Heart is going to be a powerful (sometimes tearful) experience for many readers.”
– Joel Gorveatte, Urban Missionary and Pastor at Resurrection Life, NYC, NY

“Read this life-changing book! Keep it close and use it on a regular basis. Allow God to free you from what is keeping you from entering His rest.”
– Rev. Lori Maxey, Founder and Executive Director, The House Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, AL

“Insightful and practical, tough and tender, The Performing Heart offers a comprehensive roadmap to freedom.”
– Niamh Jackson, M.I.A.C.P., Dublin, Ireland

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