New Book Series by Travis Eugene Williams Inspires Incarcerated Individuals Towards Self-Improvement and Entrepreneurship

New Book Series by Travis Eugene Williams Inspires Incarcerated Individuals Towards Self-Improvement and Entrepreneurship
Forward-thinking and inspirational inmate author empowers prisoners through an educational series of books focused on self-improvement, entrepreneurship, self-rehabilitation and anti-recidivism.

Author, publisher, and entrepreneur Travis Eugene Williams has announced the launch of a groundbreaking book series aimed at educating and motivating incarcerated individuals worldwide. Titled “Travis E. Williams presents…”, this series explores various subjects, offering insights into self-rehabilitation, self-improvement, and entrepreneurship. Williams’ books will be released on May 1, 2024, focusing on promoting positive change and reducing recidivism rates.

Travis Eugene Williams, a young black male, experienced the justice system firsthand after committing a robbery at the age of 19. Sentenced to 38 consecutive years in prison without parole, Williams utilized his time to enhance his education and personal growth. Inspired by his journey, Williams founded the “Inmates for Entrepreneurial Progress (IEP)” movement in 2015, which is dedicated to empowering incarcerated individuals towards self-improvement and productive citizenship.

The book series covers a range of topics, including “Know Better, Do Better,” “Ambition of An Inmate,” “Go Girl!,” “Money & Wealth,” “AI (Artificial Intelligence),” “Real Estate & Acquisition,” and “Investing.” Each installment serves as a tool for reshaping the mindset of inmates, fostering self-rehabilitation, and promoting entrepreneurial skills.

By providing guidance on success in the free world Williams hopes to help change inmates lives for the better while also expressing his own creative ability. The books are focused on areas that deliver real value, and where, if inmates develop their skills they can more easily find their way to success on the streets.

Reflecting on his experience, Travis Eugene Williams states, “My aim is to provide incarcerated individuals with the resources and inspiration they need to transform their lives. Through education, self-improvement, and entrepreneurship, we can break the cycle of recidivism and promote positive change within correctional facilities.”

The series will be available in both ebook and paperback formats on Amazon and the Google Play Store, with ebooks priced at $2.99 and paperback books at $12.05.

A look at his books and Williams’ story can be found on his official YouTube channel.

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About Travis Eugene Williams

As an under-educated black man in America, Travis Eugene Williams was pulled into and consumed by street life at an incredibly early age—only as a means of survival. In January 2004, life dealt a devastating blow that altered Travis’ life forever. Travis was arrested, later convicted for a local robbery he committed, and later received a 38 consecutive year prison sentence that he is currently serving in the Virginia Department of Corrections—without parole and no time suspended. Looking beyond the injustices within his case and the circumstances of his confinement, Travis sought to do better and be better with admiral and relentless ambition and never let up. His new series of books is focused on helping prisoners become the best version of themselves as entrepreneurs.

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