New Book Release: “Slaying Tampa Bay” Gives a Glimpse into the Lives and Journeys of Prominent Women Dominating Tampa

The highly anticipated second installment in the Slay the USA series is finally here! Best-selling author Leigh M. Clark invites readers to take a rare glimpse into the personal lives of successful women in the city as “Slaying Tampa Bay” debuts on Wednesday, November 8th on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. With a keen eye for great storytellers, Leigh M. Clark’s latest work promises to be a riveting addition to her growing collection of top-selling books.

“Slaying Tampa Bay” is a tribute to the remarkable women who demonstrate resilience and excellence. They embody grace, grit, and goodness. Their determination, love, and stories of success inspire us to aim high, work toward our goals, and create a better future. The book invites us all to join in on the pursuit of making a meaningful impact collectively.

It features local women in the Tampa Bay area who are making an impact by stepping into their power and purpose. From CEOs to women who empower global artisans, this book will give a wide array of wisdom from all walks of life. The authors of this collective are Mandy Schulis, Jenna Schwartz, Bria Patti, Lora Van Balen, Elizabeth Riggs, Kacee Howes, Nicole Carver, Nada Haddad, Alexandra Valencia, Parita Patel, Genesis Krick, Alyssa Young, Jessica Jones, Jennifer Stinson, Carrie Williams, Ludmila Woodruff, Caitlyn Barninger, Maram Bishawi, Anita Arredondo, Suzanne Duret and Maureen Famiano.

About Leigh M. Clark: 

Leigh M. Clark is on a mission to make an impact and live her legacy. From her busy career transforming businesses through technology, to her charity, Kindleigh throws around kindness like confetti, everything Clark works at is about making a difference.

Clark is an author with several bestsellers such as living kindly and The Dream is in Your Hands. “Slaying Tampa Bay” is the second book in her Slay the USA series, following the success of her debut work, “Slaying Southwest Florida.” Her upcoming books due in early 2024 include “Slaying Atlanta”, “Slaying Nashville”, “Slaying Miami” and “Slaying LA”. Clark’s unique ability to curate books filled with successful individuals from diverse and interesting backgrounds has solidified her as a rising star in the world of anthologies.

Leigh M. Clark has not only graced the TEDx stage multiple times but has also been featured on The Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, and many more national and global publications. “So often we meet women and learn about what they do. It’s where we get the opportunity to learn about who they are and how they got there. The most important part about this project is it allows people to show authentically by unearthing their vulnerability; they give us a rare glimpse behind the scenes on what makes them truly powerful”, words from Leigh M. Clark, as she proudly shared her excitement about this project.

Don’t miss out on this captivating new release by Leigh M. Clark. Order your copy of “Slaying Tampa Bay” on Wednesday, November 8th, on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Media is also invited to attend the launch event at Sorry Not Public Social Club in Tampa from 7-9pm.

Discover her books, her speaking engagements, and her philanthropic work at and Instagram @leigh.m.Clark, or follow the newest series on Instagram @slaytheusa

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