New Book Highlights the Need for an Effective American Congress

Author Tom Mast Offers Real Solutions to Problems Affecting the American Congress.

The urgent need for process changes in Congress has become unmistakably clear. In a time marked by big challenges and a rapidly evolving global landscape, Tom Mast’s Combative Congress aims to shed light on the critical need for a robust and effective American Congress, why and how we found ourselves in this predicament, and what to do about it.  The book is a concise read appropriate for all Americans ages 16-90 with thirty-seven color charts and photographs.

The escalating polarization, legislative inertia, and a palpable disconnection between elected representatives and the public have created a profound governance crisis. The demand for a revitalized Congress has become quite apparent to protect the historical values attached to the American dream and solve our country’s big problems.

This new book delves into the complexities of legislative processes, explores historical precedents, and offers insightful perspectives on the future of the United States’ governing body. Against the backdrop of a dysfunctional political climate, “Combative Congress” provides a thought-provoking analysis digging down to root causes and challenging readers to reevaluate the role of Congress in shaping the nation’s destiny.

The book provides a comprehensive historical overview of Congress, analyzing pivotal moments leading to its current state. By drawing parallels between past challenges and contemporary issues, the author prompts readers to consider the enduring impact of legislative decisions on the nation’s trajectory.

Offering a nuanced perspective, Mast explores the lack of bipartisanship and collaborative efforts within Congress. The book presents a roadmap for fostering a more effective legislative process.

He emphasizes the role of an informed and engaged citizenry in shaping congressional dynamics. Combative Congress challenges readers to actively participate in the democratic process, advocating for a more responsive and accountable Congress by attacking the root causes rather than the symptoms.

Combative Congress is a groundbreaking book that calls for pivotal change and offers pragmatic solutions to electoral methods issues.

About the Author

Tom Mast earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering from The University of Texas, an M.S. from Stanford, and an MBA from Harvard. He was a naval officer and had a career in manufacturing and engineering management.  Residing in Austin, Texas, Tom shares his life with his cherished wife and his two sons and five grandchildren.





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