New Book, “Feeling Free: 7 Exciting Ways to Have Fun While Travelling,” Reveals Helpful Tips and Tricks for Travelling

Rebecca Pereira’s new book on traveling is the perfect resource for both newbies and experienced travelers

With her premiere book, “Feeling Free: 7 Exciting Ways to Have Fun While Travelling,” award-winning author Rebecca Pereira delivers an expository masterpiece on the art of traveling, which is based on her experiences as a seasoned traveler. For over a decade, Rebecca Pereira has been active in the travel industry, and her experiences culminate to form the pages of her new book.

While traveling is a lot of fun, it can be stressful or overwhelming in terms of packing and leaving, not knowing what is needed and what is not, etc. In the book “Feeling Free: 7 Exciting Ways to Have Fun While Travelling,” Rebecca shares some helpful tips on packing and preparing for a trip. Bite-sized ‘how-to’ advice makes this book easy to read and an excellent resource for both women and men, no matter if they are travel novices or experienced globetrotters.

“At some point, we all have heard about why traveling is so essential,” Rebecca Pereira asserts. “More often than not, people talk about the countless benefits of traveling; how it is excellent for your physical and mental health. Also, how it is one of the best ways to de-stress, and so on. This book is about how to make your traveling experiences unforgettable and utterly memorable,” she added.

“Feeling Free: 7 Exciting Ways to Have Fun While Travelling” is now available for purchase on its dedicated website at It comes in E-book and Paperback formats and is available to persons living in Canada and America. Rebecca Pereira traveled over South America with a group of people that she never met before. For the four months that she traveled, the author learned vital things such as coming out of one’s shell and not traveling with a lot of luggage, and she summarizes all she learned in her new book.

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About Rebecca Pereira

Rebecca Pereira is a passionate writer and travel enthusiast. She is a kind-hearted and loving woman who wants nothing but help others find happiness in their lives. Each one of us asks about the expenses and things that are needed to have a memorable holiday. Rebecca Pereira brings readers a first-hand experience guide on the best way to plan and pack for a fantastic trip in Feeling Free: 7 Exciting Ways to Have Fun While Traveling.

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