New book “Does a Good Divorce Really Exist? (Absolutely!)” by Randi Burggraff, Justin Tash, and Bryan Levy is released, a guide to ending a marriage with dignity and finding amicable resolution

New book "Does a Good Divorce Really Exist? (Absolutely!)" by Randi Burggraff, Justin Tash, and Bryan Levy is released, a guide to ending a marriage with dignity and finding amicable resolution

“Does a Good Divorce Really Exist? (Absolutely!)” by Randi Burggraff, Justin Tash, and Bryan Levy has been released worldwide. This 136-page book, which has received Amazon Bestseller status as the #1 Bestseller in the “Divorce & Separation” category, offers practical advice and guiding principles for getting through a divorce with the best possible outcomes. 

With over 50 years of combined experience as divorce lawyers, the authors have firsthand knowledge of how divorcing couples can be pulled into anger, resentment, pettiness, and other negative behaviors that prevent them from achieving the resolution and closure they seek. While much of the advice contained within comes from the authors’ professional experience, the book is not a legal manual for divorce filings and procedures, but rather a people-focused guide to tempering emotions, focusing on outcomes, and maintaining the mindset that leads to peaceful, agreeable divorce.

Readily acknowledging that divorce is stressful and difficult, the book provides insightful ways to reframe the process, breaking it down into component steps that are easier to manage. From conflict resolution techniques to identifying common pitfalls, as well as a comprehensive overview of the entire process from beginning to end, the authors demystify divorce and remind readers that it’s ultimately a series of varying steps – all pointed toward eventual resolution. With these techniques and tips, people from all backgrounds can stay focused on the ultimate goal of amicable divorce guided by reason, not clouded by picking fights or emotionally driven vendetta. 

Because divorce often comes with so much raw emotion, the book strikes an appropriate balance of tenderness and practicality, affirming for readers that their feelings are valid while delicately reminding them of the importance of rationality, patience, and focusing on outcomes. 

“Good” divorces are possible when the people involved can temper vindictive attitudes, take an active role in seeking resolution, and understand the big picture. With this excellent, practical guidance, the divorce process can move quickly and cost less – and create a reasonable resolution for everyone involved.

Does a Good Divorce Really Exist? (Absolutely!) (ISBN: 9780999312490) can be purchased through Amazon. The paperback retails for $12.00, and the ebook retails for $2.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

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From the back cover:

How can you end your marriage with dignity and respect? While divorce can be filled with anger, frustration, and bitterness, most couples don’t want to end their marriage in an ugly, drawn-out battle that causes irreparable damage.

Does a Good Divorce Really Exist? (Absolutely!) is your definitive guide through the difficult journey of divorce. Randi Burggraff, Justin Tash, and Bryan Levy lay out a roadmap to help you understand the process, rules, and potential outcomes. More importantly, you will master the critical mindset shift that will get you and your partner on the path to a “good” divorce.

Educate yourself by using the examples of healthy divorces to understand what’s involved at each step. This book will guide you through potential pitfalls so you can prepare mentally and think strategically. This book helps you approach heated conflicts in ways that will allow you to emerge with your emotional well-being and integrity intact.

About the authors:

Burggraff Tash Levy PLC is a family and divorce law firm in Scottsdale, Arizona that takes a no-nonsense approach to resolving legal issues, while also being empathetic to their clients’ emotions. Bryan K. Levy, with over 30 years of experience in family law, is a successful litigator and mediator helping people reach a resolution when neither thought it was possible. Randi Burggraff specializes in high-conflict divorce cases in Scottsdale, and draws from her unique background in psychology and family and children services.

Justin Tash is the managing partner and focuses on helping people move past divorce.

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