New Book by Data Guru Pramod Kunju, AI in Criminal Justice – Implications, Ethics, Policy, is Out Now

Discover the power and pitfalls of AI in criminal justice with Pramod Kunju’s new book, “AI in Criminal Justice: Implications, Ethics, Policy.”

Pramod Kunju, a leading expert in the intersection of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Criminal Justice, has released his latest book, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Criminal Justice: A Primer on Implications, Ethics, Policy.” The book explores the potential of AI in the Criminal Justice system while discussing the ethical and moral issues associated with its use.

As AI technology continues to evolve, so does its potential to transform and improve current justice systems. However, some fear that this technology could compromise the fundamental rights of the citizenry. In the same way, there are conflicting positions among those who study big data algorithms in the judicial and police fields. Either they perceive AI as a leap to improve criminal justice decision-making or as widening inequalities and fostering control and manipulation of the state.

According to Pramod Kunju, “AI can be a powerful tool in the Criminal Justice system, but it also comes with significant ethical and moral considerations. It is essential to understand the implications of AI technology, its potential benefits, and its limitations within the context of the Criminal Justice system.”

In his book, Kunju explores essential concepts regarding Data Analytics and AI technologies and their position within the Criminal Justice system context. He also discusses the ethical and moral issues associated with AI’s (mis)use.

“The book aims to educate individuals and organizations on the impact of AI in Criminal Justice decision-making,” said Kunju. “It provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits and challenges associated with using AI in the Criminal Justice system.”

Kunju earned his nickname “Data Guru” through his contributions to the field of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, which have revolutionized many industries. His extensive experience and expertise have allowed him to provide valuable insights into the intersection of these technologies and the Criminal Justice system.

The release of “Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Criminal Justice: A Primer on Implications, Ethics, Policy” comes at a crucial time when the Criminal Justice system is undergoing significant changes globally. This book is a must-read for policymakers, law enforcement officials, legal professionals, and anyone interested in the impact of technology on the Criminal Justice system.

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Pramod Kunju, also known as the “Data Guru,” is a leading expert in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Criminal Justice. With extensive experience in these fields, he has become a sought-after speaker and consultant, providing valuable insights to organizations worldwide.

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