New book “Bridge Beneath the Sky” by Robert Glen Smith is released, a study of humanity’s place in the universe as well as context for living with the metaphysical and material realities of existence

“Bridge Beneath the Sky” by Robert Glen Smith has been released worldwide. This 150-page book draws on information and insights from a variety of sources, creating a big picture view of human existence that transcends both religious and scientific viewpoints to create a unified and broad understanding of reality. More a suggested viewpoint to contemplate than a set of beliefs, this work invites readers to reconsider basic assumptions and dig deeper into connections that span ideologies. 

Bridge Beneath the Sky (ISBN: 9781735818610) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $11.00. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram. 

From the back cover:

Is there a God or compelling force behind our existence?

Is there a particular way we should live?

Do we continue in some fashion beyond death? 

Countless individuals have searched for a belief system that provides hope and meaning, but is also grounded in reasoning. If such a framework had merely been glimpsed intuitively by the religions of the world. What would it really look like beyond the symbolism? 

Bride Beneath the Sky: Painting a Picture of a Larger Reality presents both materialist and metaphysical views in a context that acknowledges both as valid and without contradiction. It paints a convincing picture based on rational arguments with descriptive imagery that clarifies our place in the world as molecular machines, the universe made animated, and the enormous possibilities of our existence that follow the same line of reasoning. It is a humble and unassuming glimpse at what might very well be a big picture everyone can relate to.

About the author: 

Robert Glen Smith is a retired machinist, and is currently a student of philosophy and science. He lives with his wife in Bethesda, Maryland. 

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