New Beginnings Provides a Safe Place for Sober Living

All male sober living facility preparing residents for life outside of the home

Addiction recovery does not have a time limit. An inpatient treatment facility may be the first step to recovery, but what about when the patient leaves? Sometimes there are enough environmental risks to make going back home counterproductive to the process. Other times there is no home or job to return to. In these situations, a sober living facility is a necessary next step in the recovery process. For some, it is the first step if it is determined that in inpatient or outpatient treatment is not needed.

New Beginnings Sober Living is a privately owned sober living facility for men. By being an all-male institution, the distraction of fraternization is eliminated as well as the instinct of men to not be vulnerable to members of the fairer sex. It is important to note that this is not a halfway house and there are benefits to this. Because it is privately owned there is no maximum amount of time that residents are allowed to stay. This is a home for recovering addicts and the government cannot impose a violent criminal or sex offender upon the residents.

With beautiful grounds and amenities, it is more akin to living in your first apartment. Residents learn job skills and are aided in job searches. While living at the facility residents are allowed to have the freedom to come and go. As opposed to restricting residents to the property sober living is enforced through drug tests and mandatory 12-step meetings and counselling. They are held accountable to fellow residents through paying rent, completing chores, and having meetings to make decisions as a house. Being accountable to fellow residents can help recovering addicts learn to form bonds with other people and that transfers very well outside of the house.

New Beginnings Sober Living understands that walking into the world once detox is over is intimidating and over thinking this is detrimental to success. The goal is lifelong sobriety and clean living. It does not happen overnight and there is no timeline to follow. This is a place to start your life over or just to get your life back on track if it started to fall apart because of addiction. Getting out of the circumstances feeding your addiction is a major step and a safe place to turn is a must. Living on your own with the emotional support of others can provide you with the confidence that you can do this.

About New Beginnings Sober Living

New Beginnings Sober Living is a facility located in Toronto. It has a top-rated 12 step program and provides a transition from addiction to recovery in the real world. With realistic and achievable goals along with ongoing addiction treatment, residents are encouraged to embrace life while staying clean and sober. Treatment is ongoing and working and supporting fellow housemates is fundamental to living at the facility and out. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction. Contact us today to get started on the road to recovery.

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