New App ‘Feedom’ Launched to Eliminate Food Waste and Alleviate Global Hunger

New App ‘Feedom’ Launched to Eliminate Food Waste and Alleviate Global Hunger

Food shortage and hunger is a top ranking problem faced by the world today. Despite advances of the last few decades, there are still a large number of vulnerable people and children who go to sleep without adequate food. A new app, Feedom, aims to deliver a helping hand by eliminating wastage of precious food at foot outlets.

Feedom is a new patent pending Android app intended to save wastage of food at restaurants and food outlets or grocery stores. It is common knowledge that a large amount of food and edible items go waste every day, either because of oversupply or when demand goes unfulfilled. By offering a simple digital tool to owners, customers, community schemes and others, the app allows for extra food to be diverted to where it is needed.

Feedom is a new way to mitigate the problem of global hunger. There is quality food that goes waste every day, at restaurants, food outlets or grocery stores. Feedom will offer an easy way to ensure not a single grain goes waste, and reaches a human hand,” says Mr. Sudhish Koloth, developer of the app.

Feedom can be freely used by restaurant owners, grocery stores, charities and non-profits, community initiatives, food drive programs and schemes, and just about anyone who wants to use the app. The app offers two sections, for customers and merchants. Merchants can register on the app and post their available donations and offers anytime. Customers can view available offers and food donations by searching through zip codes and city names.

Customers can use Feedom to browse and see if a food items is being offered. The offers are usually valid for a few hours and expire automatically. After selecting a fresh offer, customers can directly call the merchant or donor and make plans to pick up the items.

Feedom is currently offered in its minimal viable product version, and more features will be added over time. Feedom is available for use in India and the US.

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