New 3rd party Salesforce CRM apps from CRM Fusion

Leading developers of advanced software that have helped thousands of worldwide organizations in reaching their data cleansing and data quality goals, CRM Fusion is focused on developing cutting edge 3rd party apps. The company has announced that it is currently working a set of new 3rd party salesforce apps designed to meet the evolving needs of the modern businesses with a saleforce.

Talking about the new developments and the salesforce apps their clients can hope to see soon, the company spokesperson said, “At CRMfusion we are motivated by our thirst to help businesses of all sizes succeed, this pushes us to develop newer and better apps and software to meet the needs of our clients that are constantly growing and evolving. Your input helps us not only in creating new 3rd party salesforce CRM apps but also improve the app that we already offer. In the near future you can expect lots of small and large changes and developments from our end, and we are thrilled you have our long list of clients with us on the journey of change and growth.”

Up until now, CRMFusion developed a range of reliable and highly effective data management software that are trusted by some of the largest multinational organizations of the world, including DowJones, T-Mobile, Adobe and more. Justifiably, such large companies require data management solutions that are on pace with the current technology and the increasing demands of the company, CRMFusin is able to deliver on all fronts.

One of their most popular software, DupeBlocker has been designed as a data de-duplication tool complementing the existing Salesforce data quality tools developed by CRMfusion Inc, the success of the software can be gauged by the fact that over 5000 Salesforce administrators worldwide in conjunction with DemandTools and PeopleImport software. Each tool has its own unique and special purpose, for example the DemandTools has been developed to clean duplicates out of Salesforce (among the 100’s of other things DemandTools does), on the other hand PeopleImport stops duplicates from being imported (such as from a trade show list.) Finally, CRM Fussion added the DupeBlocker to bar users from creating duplicates including, web lead dupes, SFDC to SFDC dupes and more.

About: CRMfusion Inc. develops advanced software that assists thousands of worldwide organizations in reaching their data cleansing and data quality goals.  Their data quality applications integrate directly with the world leading cloud computing platform offered by with which we share thousands of mutual customers. For more information, please visit:

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