NeuroStreet’s Bold Acquisition of TickBlaze Unleashes New Trading Tech for Retail Traders and Quants

Ottawa, ON – March  28, 2024 – NeuroStreet (, a renowned leader in trading education and technology, is elated to announce the acquisition of TickBlaze (, an avant-garde trading technology company catering to  both discretionary and quantitative traders (Hybrid Trading Tech). This strategic maneuver is poised to revolutionize the world of trading, setting new benchmarks for innovation and excellence.

The acquisition of TickBlaze stands as a momentous achievement in NeuroStreet’s journey, propelling it toward the pinnacle of the trading industry’s evolution. NeuroStreet has solidified its reputation as a provider of premier trading education resources and fintech trading applications, empowering traders worldwide to cultivate their expertise and make informed decisions in the dynamic realm of financial markets.

“We extend a warm embrace to TickBlaze as it joins the NeuroStreet family,” stated Sean Kozak, CEO of NeuroStreet. “This acquisition underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering groundbreaking solutions to traders. With TickBlaze’s unparalleled expertise and Hybrid Trading Solutions, we are superbly positioned to elevate our offerings to unprecedented heights.”

TickBlaze’s cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art tools will play a pivotal role in expanding NeuroStreet’s already impressive capabilities. The integration of TickBlaze’s Hybrid Trading Platform will grant NeuroStreet’s expansive community of traders access to advanced trading strategies and analytics, enabling them to maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic world of finance. Notably, the vision of hosting the world’s largest open-source C# and Python community for traders, quants, and developers is on the horizon, poised for inevitable virality.

Ashley Kozak, COO of NeuroStreet, expressed, “Our paramount goal is to craft a seamless trading experience for our users, and this acquisition is the linchpin to achieving that aspiration. By amalgamating NeuroStreet’s educational resources with TickBlaze’s cutting-edge technology, we can empower traders of all proficiencies to navigate the markets with unparalleled effectiveness.”

Joshua Lombardo-Bottema, CRO of NeuroStreet, echoed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, affirming, “This strategic alignment impeccably aligns with our vision to furnish traders with the tools and knowledge requisite for their success. TickBlaze’s Hybrid trading solutions will be instrumental in arming our users with the insights needed to make informed decisions and realize their trading objectives.”

Daniel Tochner, the Founder of TickBlaze, will assume the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at NeuroStreet following the acquisition. Tochner expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This milestone marks a pivotal moment for TickBlaze and our journey ahead. As the new CTO at NeuroStreet, I’m excited about spearheading innovation and fostering technological synergies that will reshape our industry.”

Jonathan Anderson, Advisor to NeuroStreet and CEO of Nothing Artificial Inc (, the home of Neurotracker (, underscored the significance of this union, stating, “TickBlaze provides the ideal foundation to host and deploy state-of-the-art NeuroScience and AI-driven cognitive trader training solutions. It comes as no surprise that leading hedge funds and institutional entities are eagerly engaging with our team. In a world driven by data, NeuroStreet, in conjunction with TickBlaze and Neurotracker, will disrupt the market in ways other platforms are ill-prepared for.” 

Moreover, the integration of TickBlaze’s technology stack positions NeuroStreet as the indispensable backbone for a vast network of partners and affiliates, encompassing educators, influencers, developers, buy-side firms, sell-side firms, prop firms, and universities. This expands into utility for other firms to build their businesses upon ensuring unparalleled user retention, paving the way for scalable future growth.

The acquisition of TickBlaze serves as a testament to NeuroStreet’s unwavering dedication to innovation and its resolute commitment to empowering traders with cutting-edge technology. Together, NeuroStreet and TickBlaze are poised to continue their journey of revolutionizing the trading landscape, equipping traders with the tools and insights essential for thriving in today’s complex financial markets.

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