Neuropax Clinic, St. Louis Brings Its Specialist Treatment To Address Sports Injury, Chronic Strain and injury Pain

Neuropax Clinic, St. Louis Brings Its Specialist Treatment To Address Sports Injury, Chronic Strain and injury Pain

September 28, 2021 – Neuropax Clinic is dedicated to bringing its patients specialist services and reprieve by educating them on the benefits of its surgical procedures and the results of those procedures. The clinic brings to the resident of St. Louis two revolutionary treatments that can ease chronic pain and heal sports injuries.

“Our vision at Neuropax Clinic is to be a leader in creating a health care delivery platform. We fulfill this vision by offering proven, advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques to help patients stop suffering and reclaim their quality of life”, says a spokesperson for Neuropax Clinics.

Sports-related injuries can affect anyone despite their age or ability. Professional athletes and weekend warriors are susceptible to chronic pain as the result of sports injuries. 

It’s often the case that individuals are unable to return to their sport due to obstinate pain. This can stall rehabilitation and physical therapy and, in some cases, lead to some form of disability. Peripheral nerve surgery, performed by the surgeons at Neuropax Clinic, may relieve pain and help the athlete return to their sport and other normal activities that could be affected.

“At Neuropax Clinics, we treat athletes for a variety of chronic pain conditions related to peripheral nerve damage. While we are not focused on the primary treatment of sports-related injuries, we can offer you hope for relief of pain that has not responded to traditional treatment. Neuropax Clinic specializes in surgical procedures to relieve Chronic Pain that involves the peripheral nervous system”, says a spokesperson for Neuropax Clinics.

The primary surgical techniques that Neuropax Clinic carries out for the reprieve of chronic pain from peripheral nerve problems are Nerve decompression and Denervation. Neuropax Clinic surgeons are leading practitioners of these surgical techniques that bring relief to an increasing number of patients with peripheral nervous system disorders. 

“I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for all that you have done for me! You have not only given me my marriage and career back; you gave me my life back! This past year was a nightmare for me and I thought I had lost everything. Including myself until I found such caring doctors and nurses in your office.  For that, I will always be blessed”, says Stephanie, a grateful patient.

Today, Neuropax Clinic has become a leader in the health care industry. They have become known for helping patients suffering from chronic pain, peripheral diabetic neuropathy, carpal tunnel, tarsal tunnel, chronic migraines/headaches, cubital tunnel, radial tunnel, and other serious problems connected to peripheral nerve damage.

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