Netfloor USA Provides Detailed Comparison of Alternative Data Flooring Methods

Netfloor USA is a cable management flooring provider and offers their expert advice on the different data flooring methods available.

Charlotte, NC, Monday – January 15th, 2017 – Surprisingly, in today’s über wireless world, the data cable industry is constantly growing. Despite everything being wireless, there is still a major need for cables and wiring, specifically in certain industries such as government, military, and finance due to the fact that data cabling provides more security. However, every single industry, no matter the security levels needed, requires cabling and wires.

Since the need for cables is not going away, the need to create safer and cleaner workspaces is necessary. Especially since we require so much more electrical wiring and data cables than we used to, and in order for us to continue enjoying wireless access, we will always need cables and wires, which means we will need to find a safe place to house them.

One method of safely housing and storing wires is through the installation of a cable management access floor. With that being said, there are a few different commonly used methods for hiding and storing data wires and cables. All methods are effective, but not all methods are the best either with there being pros and cons to each one.

Netfloor USA is a provider of one type of access flooring method, that is rapidly gaining popularity, but they also offer their expert advice on the pros and cons of each cable management flooring method directly on their website. By providing this type of information on their site, they are helping businesses make an educated decision on which method is best for their business and space.

Making this information readily available on their site makes it so much easier to meet the needs of today’s consumer, which is to be more educated about the products they intend to buy before they make their purchase. Additionally, purchasing an access flooring installation package for a business is not a quick and easy decision, so the more information available to business customers on the subject, the better.

The four different types of low profile flooring Netfloor lists on their site are: Concrete Trenching, Floor Decking, Overhead Cabling/Cable Drops, and Underfloor Cable Management. There are several pros and cons for each option, but the choice all comes down to budget and and what types of pros or cons ultimately matter to any given business.

As an illustration, concrete trenching is a more traditional method but can be quite expensive and dirty. Floor decking is another traditional approach but this option provides little in terms of flexibility. Overhead cabling is great for utilizing space but then businesses will have to put up with unsightly cables dropping from the ceiling. With underfloor cabling, there is no need to undergo major construction and installation can be relatively fast and easy. This type of flooring also offers a lot in terms of flexibility with the different adjustable floor heights to suit the needs of the business.

To read more about the pros and cons of each method, visit Netfloor’s cable management access flooring page to access a more detailed comparison. 

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