NeoDocto to address the promotion of hand hygiene in rural Northeast area and distributes hand wash liquids and sanitizers in the interior areas of Northeast in Maram, Manipur, India

NeoDocto to address the promotion of hand hygiene in rural Northeast area and distributes hand wash liquids and sanitizers in the interior areas of Northeast in Maram, Manipur, India

“The CEO and Global president of NeoDocto, Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa”
NeoDocto seeks to address the issue of poor hand hygiene in Maram, Manipur, India by providing hand wash liquids and sanitizers and spreading awareness by providing an internship opportunities for the social work students in the community.

Manhattan, New York – Apr 29, 2019 – One of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others is keeping our hands clean. Many diseases are spread by not washing hands with soap and clean water.          

NeoDocto intends to educate people to protect themselves by adhering strictly to the proper ways of washing the hands, which is actually one of the most important things everyone needs to do individually to help prevent the spread of diseases.

While announcing the CSR initiative with the NeoDoctian team The Global President & CEO of NeoDocto Inc. – Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa stated “The aim of promoting of hand hygiene is to create awareness and educate the public on the importance of hand washing in order to achieve a cleaner and healthier society”.

A hand sanitizer or a hand wash liquid is used to decrease the level of micro-organisms in the hands. These liquids are highly effective at killing micro-organisms or germs that can cause numerous diseases.

NeoDocto seek to address the issue in Northeast because the number of people dying and falling sick as a preventable diseases are increasing day by day. In fact, study conducted last year in India found out that only 53% washes their hands after defecation.

In response to this the NeoDoctian team strives to educate people and spread awareness on the disease caused by being in contact with germs. NeoDocto team will also advise people of the community in Maram, India on the need to take care of their health and general well-being seriously and how to lead a healthy life.

The hands serves as a highway to the spread and transmission of bacteria, viruses and pathogens that causes diseases like food borne diseases and infections resulting from hospital treatments. A common way in which people spread diseases is through infectious germs which is usually caused by rubbing of the nose with hands contaminated with cold virus and bacteria.

Hand wash liquids or sanitizers are care products that help in making your hand germ free after wash. These germs are acquired after some body exercise, minor jobs like clearing of your surroundings, after using the toilet, kids playing around and so on Hand wash liquid or sanitizers are antiseptic. They help to prevent the spread of disease and infections like skin rashes, cholera, diarrhoea, toilet disease and so on

NeoDocto seek to provide information through explainer videos, health articles and advertisement. NeoDocto is promoting the best way to basic health preventive measure to avoid visiting hospital.

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