Nejma Nefertiti Unveils the Official Video of “Soul Ties” ft. 80 Empire on Sway’s Universe Dec. 15th

Nejma Nefertiti Unveils the Official Video of "Soul Ties" ft. 80 Empire on Sway's Universe Dec. 15th
An Exclusive Premiere of a Cinematic Masterpiece Exploring the Soul of Hip Hop.

Renowned Hip Hop artist Nejma Nefertiti celebrated for her dynamic and boundary-defying contributions to the genre, is set to release her latest single, “Soul Ties” ft. 80 Empire. The much-anticipated official video, a collaboration with videographer Nor Kin4life, is poised to impact the Hip Hop community profoundly. Sway’s Universe, a cornerstone in Hip Hop Culture, will exclusively premiere the video on their website and YouTube channel on December 15, 2023, at 8 pm ET.

This marks an important milestone in her career. Nejma’s first appearance on Sway’s Universe live in studio was as one of 12 winners of “The Saga Continues Contest,” organized by Sway and Rza of Wu Tang Clan. The MCs were picked out of over 10,000 submissions to rap for Sway and Rza in a cypher.

Nefertiti, a daughter of diverse cultural roots encompassing Iranian, North African, and Indigenous American heritage, has cultivated an international following with her distinctive style of wordplay, fierce delivery, and vivid imagery. Recognized for her extensive catalog and collaborations with legendary artists, Nefertiti is a trailblazer committed to breaking artistic barriers and enriching the Hip Hop scene.

The upcoming release, “Soul Ties,” represents a significant milestone in Nejma Nefertiti’s artistic journey. The video, a collaboration with 80 Empire, explores the evolution of her artistry and delves deep into the intricate narratives surrounding women in Hip Hop. Nor Kin4life’s cinematic direction brings to life the profound symbols and evocative imagery that eloquently explore themes of love, soul connections, and the enduring nature of the human spirit.

In a statement about the project, Nejma Nefertiti expressed the significance of the video, stating, “This is more than just a song; it’s a visual journey, a concept that required bravery and vulnerability. ‘Soul Ties’ showcases another side of me, and I’m excited to share this story with my audience.”

Adding a dynamic touch to the track, 80 Empire’s contribution on the hook enhances the video’s refreshing and authentic perspective within the Hip Hop landscape. The video stands as a testament to the pinnacle of Hip Hop Culture, offering a transcendent, inspirational, and audacious manifesto that nourishes the spirit and elevates the heart—a celebration of remembering love.

Trife for JunkiesAtl lays the rhythmic foundation for the vibrant tales of “Soul Ties,” serving as the second single from Nejma Nefertiti’s upcoming album, which he produced entirely.

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About Nejma Nefertiti:

Nejma Nefertiti is a dynamic and versatile Hip Hop artist from Brooklyn, New York. With roots in Iranian, North African, and Indigenous American cultures, her artistry transcends boundaries and resonates with diverse audiences worldwide.

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