Neighbors and Community Comes Together To Help A Family In Need

In a life altering moment, young dad with a newborn and 2-year old boy suffered serious injuries because of a road accident, however, the love and support from strangers restored his faith in humanity. It was supposed to be just another regular day on the 27th of May but Travis Hetherington’s life was suddenly turned upside down when he was hit in front of his house by a very fast moving car. The accident left him seriously injured, and since then he has been in the hospital in a terrible way. Travis is the dad of a new born, Alexander and a 2-year old boy, Liam. Now to help Travis and his family make it through this time of hardship, his close friends, relatives, and neighbors are coming together and they want the online community to help through monetary donations to a GoFundMe campaign set up for the family.

Right now, despite his serious injuries Travis continues to have a smile on his face, although his lower leg is crushed, he will lose the use of his finger on one hand and has multiple fractured ribs; he maintains an upbeat attitude and remains hopeful, which has been a great source of courage and strength for his wife, Lydia. At their dire time of need, their neighbors and the paramedics who immediately rushed to their aid and if it were not for them, he would not be alive and trying to make his lovely wife and beautiful boy laugh with jokes!

The seriousness of Travis’s injury means he will have to go through multiple surgeries, and a long rehabilitation process, it also means that the family will lose it biggest source of income. Since Travis was self-employed as a sole trader, he has lost his means of supporting his family. Until he is able to go back to work, the family will have to rely on a disability allowance and understandably raising two children on a disability allowance is not possible. To help the family with the medical expenses and the day to day expenses of raising a young family, Travis’s sister in law, neighbors and friends have set up a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe, all funds raised will go towards putting food on the table, keeping a roof over the family’s heads and covering the costs of caring for a newborn, first and foremost. Even though Travis Medical bills are high, his family is his top priority. He says that his injuries can wait, but his little kids cannot.

They hope to raise $28,000 so any contribution, big or small will be greatly appreciated, to donate please go to:


The crowdfunding campaign was set up by Anthony Noble, who is close related to the Hetherington family. 

Media Contact:

Contact: Travis Hetherington


Mobile Phone: +61 481 334 340

Media Contact
Contact Person: Travis Hetherington
Phone: +61 481 334 340
City: Moggill
State: QLD
Country: Australia