Need for Stable, Asset Backed Coins at Forefront as Cryptocurrency Crash Wipes Out Over 1 Trillion in Wealth

Need for Stable, Asset Backed Coins at Forefront as Cryptocurrency Crash Wipes Out Over 1 Trillion in Wealth
Volatility of standard cryptocurrency reveals greater demand & need for asset-backed coins, as the future of decentralized investing.

Over the past week, cryptocurrency markets sank to a staggering low, marking more than $1 trillion in wealth value loss since last year – an astonishing number that has rarely been seen in the cryptocurrency realm. While investors in crypto are generally well-aware of its volatility, this massive dip highlights the true nature of standard cryptocurrencies, which are not based on any real-life value or assets, other than perceived coin value.  

Bitcoin, the most well-known and highest value cryptocurrency, lost more than 12 percent of its value this past Friday, bottoming out below $30,000. This represents a 45 percent loss in value since July of 2021. Other coins, have lost equally devastating amounts in this same time period, and investors are asking what is next for cryptocurrency. 

In assessing the second largest decline in the currency’s history, it is apparent that coins, such as RoRa coins (RoRa Prime™ and RoRa Gold™), represent a smarter, more stable future in a market looking towards stability and less risk. RoRa coin is an asset backed token that is also made possible by blockchain technology, but retains one key differentiator – it is asset-backed. 

Asset-backed coins such as RoRa represent the new generation of cryptocurrency innovation, bringing together the physical and digital realms, with asset-backed tokens that represent real-world assets. An asset-backed token’s value is directly correlated to the worth of its underlying asset, providing a stable option for cryptocurrency investors that have been burned by market crashes. 

The RoRa coins function similarly to an exchange-traded fund (ETF), providing investors the potential for capital appreciation through ownership of a portion or the entirety of an underlying asset. In fact, RoRa retains 100% validation and conducts audits every 30 days to ensure secure and transparent operations. Now, more than ever, ownership of the RoRa Prime™ and RoRa Gold™ coins represent an unprecedented opportunity to participate in future returns held in varied markets and asset types – without incredibly high volatility. They have emerged as a secure, smart investment option that circumvents the unpredictable stock market, the unstable standard crypto market, as well as depreciating and inflating currencies along with other unknowns. 

The evolution of tokenization has enabled the revolution of blockchain currencies and is what allows RoRa and other asset-backed stable coins to emerge as the ideal choice moving forward. By allowing nearly any asset to become tradeable in the blockchain, investors now realize the benefits of a shifting perception in terms of how one can hold ownership in any given asset. Whether owning a fraction of an asset or owning it entirely, new technology now allows a coin holder to participate in revenue generation by profits gained through various projects, companies, or any number of assets. This results in a myriad of possibilities with incredible and nearly limitless potential. Assets such as artwork, real estate, and legal documentation are only a few examples of assets that can be opened up to a system of tokenization, subject to trades and sales. 

With innovation at the core of the evolving Web3 space, it should come as no surprise that the very first iterations of cryptocurrency are now under the microscope as relics of digital currency’s early existence. With a need to improve upon the wider system and realize the downfalls and risks associated with standard cryptocurrency, individuals are more motivated than ever to explore and invest in the future of a more stable cryptocurrency world. The RoRa team understands this well and has long forecasted that this moment would arrive. In commenting on this recent crash and the future of the RoRa coins, Douglas Spencer explains, “So much has changed since Bitcoin and standard cryptocurrency was first created; yet the digital currency revolution and its volatility has long demanded more stable tokenized assets, backed by real value and tangible worth.” 

With market caps having grown to incredible heights, it was only a matter of time that such a crash would cause the crypto market to come tumbling down. This moment forces investors to rethink their strategy and understand the value and stability in choosing coins such as RoRa. The scale of destruction when it comes to standard cryptocurrency is simply too great to risk again. As stable asset-backed coins gain traction across various applications, the potential is becoming very clear to those familiar with cryptocurrency markets. In solving problems of volatility, inflation, deflation, devaluation, and beyond, the revolution of cryptocurrency has emerged – it’s only a shame that such a crash was necessary to open the eyes of investors and realize asset backed cryptocurrency in the form of stable coins are the way forward. 

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RoRa Corp is a collection of disruptors who have embraced blockchain technology in order to identify and eliminate the existing inefficiencies and outdated processes that have plagued previous models. The firm was founded by bankers, cryptocurrency specialists, Fintech consultants, and other alternative investment experts. RoRa Corp is paving the way for digital monetization, allowing asset holders and financial institutions to buy and profit from stable coins and gold coins for their assets. Their objective is to provide 1 million investors and high-quality asset holders the opportunity to benefit from the economic prosperity that a blockchain future promises.

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