Necemene Book Series Encourage people to become a Character in The Story

When you think of science fiction do images of distant travels where no person has gone before zoom into your brain at warp speed? For the author of the hit sci-fi book series Nemecene, the most challenging adventure facing humanity lies not in some distant galaxy but right here, on Earth, in a new geological epoch that began in 2048.

Recently picked up by the largest bookstore chains in North America, Barnes and Noble in the US and Indigo Books & Music in Canada, Nemecene’s timely and provocative futuristic world carries a hidden message beneath the chills, thrills, and humor that only a few sharp-eyed readers will spot. There is a code that a fictional subculture lives by that could possibly be the key to transcending today’s political chaos, currently threatening world peace and even our species’ power to adapt to the changing planet.

Two Nemecene Facebook page posts with the message #leadthecreed appeared: one on June 4th, 2016 and the other on June 29th.  This was the secret call to those who later will become the ancestors that the Nemecene characters owe their lives to, by making positive changes to our world today.

Kaz Lefave explains: “Leading the creed starts inside before it spills over into our business and consumption decisions. #Leadthecreed consists of six values that empower youth to be the best that they can be and to use their unique talents for the good of all. By doing this, they become the ancestors of the characters in the Nemecene world.”

Kaz Lefave encourages everyone who wants to show their gratitude and commitment to a better future to post a picture of themselves, with the hashtag #leadthecreed, doing something positive for their community or the planet. “The change starts now and it starts with us,” Lefave states.

Nemecene adds fun into the process as “An elaborate, futuristic tale that will draw in new readers with its keen characterization.” – Kirkus Reviews. 

Kaz Lefave’s US bookstore tour will begin in early spring 2018. Please check her “Nemecene” social media for updates. Episode 3, Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress, is available for pre-order in stores now.

Through eco-publisher, Aguacene Publishing, Inc., the author’s commitment to high-quality full-chain FSC 100% recycled paper and no plastic coatings is immediately apparent when you pick up the books, And through the sustainable products, under the Lead The Creed™ banner and other Nemecene™ designs, the values persist in the increasingly popular cosplay culture. And finally, funding water NGOs through sales rounds out the author’s vision of a science fiction fantasy eco-system living in harmony with nature through a unifying creed, hence #leadthecreed.

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