Nearshore Outsourcing firm thrives in providing staff augmentation services to its customers in 2020

ParallelStaff, a nearshore outsourcing solutions company, saves customers up to 40% on their software projects. Born from a mission to bring dynamic software engineers and IT professionals together to create purpose-driven projects, ParallelStaff bridges the gap between talent and affordability delivering an agile and professional team of engineers to assist your brand with its next project. 

Partnering with ParallelStaff lets companies like AT&T, Santander, and FedEx hire loyal nearshore talent without having to waste time and money recruiting, interviewing, and training software engineers. Their Mexican and Latin America based engineers are loyal and highly-skilled professionals fluent in English. Serving the Pacific, Arizona, Mountain, and Central Time Zones means your brand will be provided with qualified engineers in the same time zone as the rest of your team. ParallelStaff helps keep projects on track by assembling effective teams with an impressive turn-around-time of five business days or less. 

Speaking about her company’s experience with ParallelStaff engineers, Rachel Johnson, Director of Configuration, said “Honestly, I was skeptical of using software engineers from Mexico (at first) … I was impressed with the technical level of the engineers and the speed they deliver results. I strongly recommend ParallelStaff.”

ParallelStaff engineers specialize in technology like eCommerce, mobile apps, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This means that your company will receive the straightforward support it needs throughout the life of the project.  An additional benefit of nearshore outsourcing is that all engineers have valid passports and a tourist visa which allows them to stay in the US for up to six months to work on projects. By eliminating talent search and onboarding struggles, ParallelStaff brings businesses and highly qualified people together without flashy tech promises. Your brand can count on reduced costs and maximized revenue because of the pricing of their Mexican and Latin American engineers. 

“In just five days we found the Full-Stack engineers we were looking for three months!! With that team, we have made quick progress in a lot of our critical projects. These engineers…they are amazing!!” said Jacob Wright, Chief Technology Officer. 

ParallelStaff truly makes nearshore IT managed services as easy for their customers as possible to ensure a faster, smarter, and more agile launch. With a technology stack that includes back-end, front-end, and mobile development our engineers make sure your project is ready for all platforms. Once your team is in place, they will begin by defining backlog, scope, and timelines for your project. Next, they will break backlog in sprints, releases and version, and work on sprint interactions. Finally, there are retrospective meetings and releases; streamlined and comprehensive from start to finish.

About ParallelStaff

ParallelStaff is a nearshore outsourcing solutions company specializing in highly qualified Mexican and Latin American software engineers. Founded in 2018 and based in San Francisco with offices in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Toronto, Canada, ParallelStaff hires highly qualified professionals and pairs them with brands to create high caliber, meaningful projects. ParallelStaff is rooted in their T.I.D.E. values: trust & transparency, integrity & inspiration, decisiveness & dependability, and empathy & endurance.

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