Navigating the Legal Side of Business

It all starts with a great idea. Every successful business starts small at some point, and more often than not, there are many complexities to navigate along the way. It’s typically a learn-as-you-go process, but the more smart, well-informed decisions are made early on, the better the chances of growth and success in the long-term. Although many entrepreneurs struggle with fears of failing or a lack of knowledge, the right support can make a world of difference throughout the process.

In many cases, entrepreneurs need assistance navigating the legal side of starting a business. After all, those who fail to follow government regulations may face hefty penalties. However, the laws can be rather confusing, regardless of whether it’s a new business or an existing business with ongoing concerns.

Start with the Basics

For many entrepreneurs, the challenges start from the beginning – from choosing a suitable business structure to registering a business to incorporation and everything in between. Lichtblau Law Office, located in Toronto, ON, specializes in handling all phases of starting a business from a legal standpoint. They offer accurate, up-to-date legal information that assists entrepreneurs with the difficult, often overwhelming process associated with starting a business from scratch.

When starting a business, one of the most important decisions is the type of business structure selected. This has a profound impact on the amount of paperwork necessary, the personal liability faced, the amount of taxes paid, and the ability to raise money as needed. It’s critical to have the right guidance when making this decision.

Handle Ongoing Concerns

Once a business is registered and/or incorporated and off the ground, it’s time to deal with ongoing concerns as they arise. For instance, a business that is hiring employees must deal with an entirely new set of rules and regulations. In many cases, qualified legal professional help is necessary to ensure all of the requirements are met. There’s also concerns regarding payroll, unemployment insurance, and various other areas that must be considered.

In addition to assisting entrepreneurs looking to start a business from a legal standpoint, Lichtblau Law Office also offers the legal guidance necessary to grow a business in terms of contract law, purchasing or selling a business, negotiating and preparing contracts, partnership and shareholder agreements, resolving disputes and receivables collections, and much more.

They’re familiar with a range of areas – from succession planning to financing transactions – giving their clients peace of mind knowing they’re addressing ongoing concerns with a high level of expertise. As a small team with considerable experience and resources, clients are able to count on a more personalized approach that takes all of their unique requirements in terms of corporate law into account.

About Lichtblau Law Office

Lichtblau Law Office, located in Toronto, ON, has been assisting business owners with personal and comprehensive solutions to legal concerns for over 25 years. Each case is handled based on its own priority and merit to ensure all interests and obligations are met. They produce high quality results within affordable means.

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