Navigating the 12 Steps of Divorce with Marc Jusseaume

Navigating the 12 Steps of Divorce with Marc Jusseaume

Marc Jusseaume, Creator of the Mid-Life Divorce Blueprint
Finding the Right Divorce Blueprint

LONGMONT, CO – Divorce is one of the hardest things anyone could ever go through. In addition to what often turns into lengthy, stressful legal battles, divorcees also have to deal with the heavy emotional toll. While there’s no shortage of divorce lawyers to help with the legal side of things, finding a surefire way to navigate the emotional struggles isn’t so easy. Thankfully, for those dealing with the hardships of divorce, Marc Jusseaume offers hope and guidance.

Marc is a sought-after transition/crisis coach and creator of The Mid-Life Divorce Blueprint with a history of successes in the divorce industry. After transforming his own life in crisis with great success, he built his coaching practice to help others like himself transition through major shifts during midlife. Marc helps his clients create a plan for the business of divorce, deal with the emotional aspects, and create a thriving new life.

Whether a person is in the “pre-divorce” stage and deciding how they want to proceed, in the middle of a divorce, or just finalized a divorce and aren’t sure where to go next, Marc has the knowledge they need to transform their post-divorce lives into something they can fall in love with.

Marc’s Pre-Divorce and Mid-Life Divorce Blueprints offer comprehensive plans for the future, attainable at any pace, and with mental, emotional, and spiritual support every step of the way. Divorce can be a considerable emotional loss, but with Marc’s help, it can also serve as a stepping stone to a bigger, brighter future.

Both blueprints offer the keys to navigating life during and after a divorce, including ways to find the best path forward for divorcees and their families, learning how to save money during the legal proceedings, developing skills for future success, designing a new life, and so much more.

“As your mindset trainer, I use my arsenal of proven tools and strategies to help you develop and master important new skills. And I do it with heartfelt compassion paired with a blueprint of structure and logic. You’ll feel calmer, more confident, and more prepared to reinvent yourself for a more successful and rewarding life ahead,” he says of his program. “Having experienced divorce twice, I’ve happily transformed my life, and I can do the same for you.”

Anyone in need of a guide through their divorce can contact Marc on his website here to schedule an appointment. He can also be reached at (303) 882-3153.

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