Naturally Vain is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Gift & Boutique Stores Nationwide

Naturally Vain is utilizing Mr. Checkout's Fast Track Program to reach Independent Gift & Boutique Stores Nationwide

Our best selling 9 pack of bath bombs.
Spice up and colour your bath routine with a variety of different bath bombs. Our best selling bath bomb set is sure to stand out with all these colour and scents that appeal to all ages.

Bath Bombs, soaps, creams, wellness sprays and so much more. Their secret? “It’s all about the ingredients,” says founder Melissa Bootsma. “The ingredients of the cosmetic products we used around the house caught my eye.” Upon seeing that her family used products that contained things like chemicals, preservatives, and other unpronouncalble ingredients, she became very concerned and set out to find safe and natural solutions. And thus, Naturally Vain was created. To this day the business stays true to her original intent; to create handmade natural beauty products that today’s consumers will feel good about using.

Over the past few years Naturally Vain has grown exponentially. Expanding from the original home-based business making small batches of soaps and lotions. Naturally Vain now sells thousands of soaps and other beauty products across the world. Expanding not only in size but in the variety of products creating safe alternatives to everyday items deodarant, skincare, bath products, etc.

At its core, Naturally Vain is a business that prioritzes natural ingredients as opposed to chemicals and synthetics that are harmful to our bodies. Avoiding ingredients like Parabens, SLS, and Aluminum that have been found to cuase irritation or harm. Naturally Vain prides itself on creating formulations that everyone can enjoy no matter what hair type or skin type they have while utilizing the beneficial properties of natural ingredients to enhance the performance of our produccts.

Each day Naturally Vain’s goals grow and change to suit the world. Whether it’s finding safe and local ways to source natural ingredients where no animal testing or cruelty occurs, finding eco-friendly solutions to lower the amounts of plastic and harmful materials used for even jumping into action to produce and accessible and affordable hand sanitizer when the world needed it the most. With each pour of a fresh batch of soap or press of a fun fizzy bath bomb there is thought and care behind it. You can be sure each product produced by Naturally Vain will meet the Naturally Vain promise.

From day one. Our promise to you:

Top Quality, handcrafted products with premium ingredients from nature.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan.

Crafted with care and thought.

Handmade with nature. 

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