Helping Consumers by Revealing the Scientific Perspective behind Cosmetic and Beauty Products, a recently launched beauty and healthy living blog, is now helping the consumers make the right purchasing decisions. Created by experienced research scientist Risa Lim, this blog explores and discusses the scientific background of different beauty products.

Opting for the right beauty products and cosmetics has now become easier like never before for thousands of consumers all over the world. Recently launched blog has just started coming up with insightful posts after conducting a thorough analysis of different products from a scientific perspective. By reading the posts published on the blog, the consumers can find out the merits and demerits of the market’s leading beauty products from an unbiased angle.

The beauty blogging platform Natural Beauty Style is mostly focused on natural health alternatives, beauty products, cosmetics, style, and fashion. Unlike many other blogs in the health and beauty industry, conducts a series of research activities before writing each of their blog posts. Official sources reveal that each of these blog posts is written on the basis of the findings of genuine scientific studies and evidence. is the brainchild of Risa Lim, a research scientist with over twenty years of experience. A doctorate in molecular genetics/evolution, Risa is extremely proficient in molecular, cell and system biology and biochemistry. She has authored well over forty publications in fields such as renal/cardiac failure, placental physiology, metabolism and genome structure. Presently settled in Toledo, OH with family, Risa possesses strong analytical, communicational, and writing skills. 

Highlighting the objective for the launch of, Risa states, “Hundreds of beauty and wellness products are now available in the market, and new products are coming up almost every day. As a result, the consumers find it very difficult to choose the right product. At Natural Beauty Style, we reveal the scientific background of different health and beauty products. Our only objective is to help you pick the right product.”

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Natural Beauty Style is a beauty and healthy living blog launched recently by experienced research scientist Risa Lim. This blog is dedicated to helping consumers choose the right beauty products and cosmetics by evaluating them from a scientific perspective. 

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