Nationwide Screening Company Explains Why Background Checks are Essential for Employers

Background checks help employers hire the best candidate for the job, prevent criminal activity, and avoid negligence lawsuits. By partnering with a screening company like CredentialCheck, businesses can enhance their work environment and overall success.

The days of hiring a person on sight are past. Pre-employment screening is an essential part of the hiring process for businesses and organizations in all fields. One of the primary reasons for screening is to verify a job applicant’s identity and qualifications, especially for remote positions where expertise matters. Confirming a candidate’s credentials helps businesses avoid hiring someone who isn’t suitable for the job—or worse, is committing fraud. Ultimately, the pre-screening process results in optimal workforce performance, with every team member doing their part reliably.

Background checks can also prevent criminal activities on the job. For example, if someone has a history of theft, employers might not want such an individual to handle clients’ financial information. Likewise, if someone has a DUI on their record, they may not be suitable for roles that require operating company vehicles. However, job applicants also have certain rights that must be respected, so employers should work with an accredited consumer reporting agency like CredentialCheck to ensure all the appropriate regulations regarding criminal record searches are followed.

Lastly, employers have a responsibility to ensure a safe work environment, which includes hiring candidates who pose no danger to their teammates or clients. If an employer hires a candidate with a history of violence and that employee harms another staff member or client, the employer may be held liable for negligent hiring. These claims can cost an immense amount of money and time, as well as damage the company’s reputation. By conducting thorough background checks, employers may avoid negligent hiring decisions and ultimately protect themselves from liability.

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