National US Armed Forces Museum Achieves Milestone in Restoration of Historic Ch-46 Seaknights

National US Armed Forces Museum Achieves Milestone in Restoration of Historic Ch-46 Seaknights

The National US Armed Forces Museum, in collaboration with a dedicated team of Marines, Navy personnel, and civilians, has achieved a significant milestone in its mission to breathe new life into a fleet of Ch-46 Seaknights helicopters. After a year of relentless effort, four of these majestic flying machines have been deemed FAA safe for flight, a vital step in their resurrection.

Mike Damon, a decorated veteran and founder of Vet Unite, was present to witness this triumph. “What I saw was a testament to passion, perseverance, and the indomitable spirit of those who refuse to let history fade away,” says Damon.

The restored Ch-46 Seaknights, although antiques, are now capable of flying missions in support of the community around Houston, and can carry passengers. More than just flying machines, these helicopters embody the stories and souls of the men and women who flew, maintained, and even designed them. Through the museum, these stories are shared, weaving a tapestry that encompasses heroism, camaraderie, innovation, and sometimes, heartbreak.

Another beautiful, albeit unapparent, aspect of this project is its therapeutic impact. The restoration process and the helicopters themselves have proven to be sources of healing for individuals dealing with PTSD and other ailments. Mike Damon attests, “These majestic machines have been a balm to my soul, and I’ve witnessed their therapeutic effect on others.”

As the museum moves into phase two, which involves rescuing the remaining two Phrogs from the aircraft boneyard, the National US Armed Forces Museum calls on the public for support.

“I want to take this moment to emphasize the immense power of collaboration, vision, and unyielding effort. This project is a beacon, illustrating how seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be overcome. I urge everyone to support the museum, its people, and their unyielding efforts,” adds Damon.

Those who wish to follow or support this historical and soul-enriching journey can find more information on the National US Armed Forces Museum’s website.

About National US Armed Forces Museum

The National US Armed Forces Museum is a custodian of history, dedicated to preserving and showcasing military aviation heritage. Through restoration projects, exhibitions, and educational programs, the museum honors the service and sacrifices of the men and women of the US Armed Forces.

About Vet Unite

Vet Unite is a nonprofit organization with a commitment to supporting veterans across the United States. Founded by Mike Damon, the organization focuses on mentorship, collaboration, and outreach, tirelessly working to positively impact the lives of veterans.

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