National Metal Fabricators Launches \”HAT\” Hose Adapter Thingy


September 22, 2016 – National Metal Fabricators introduces its newest product – the HAT (Hose Adapter Thingy). HAT is a remarkably innovative invention. It works with 6” drain tile and suction hoses and attaches to the truck in seconds with a standard flat flange clamp. In addition to that, HAT can be used quickly by simply inserting the tile or hose and flipping the latch. Detachment and re-attachment is done in seconds using HAT.

The HAT has many benefits and features to make the life and work easier. It requires no tape and no tools are needed to operate it. Moreover, it prevents outward spray and saves time. It has a safer and more secure connection than other methods and is extremely durable and long lasting. Hooking up the HAT is done in seconds with the latch clamp ensuring that it is on to stay until you are ready to flip the latch and take it off. No more taping and un-taping. It’s easy on, easy off design offers unmatched convenience as well as safety. Made from 11 ga steel means you can eliminate having to purchase replacement adapters anytime soon. The HAT is built to withstand the rigors of normal field work. With normal regular use with typical materials, don’t plan on any replacement buys during the year, or next year.

“I was at the bottom of a 15′ deep tank when the material I was cleaning out started plugging up the tile,” said Mark Fisher, president of Cam-Vac, Inc., in Sandwich, IL. “the weight was too much, and the tile came undone dropping right down on me.” He added. Mark was unhurt, but that moment is when he figured there had to be a better way than lots of duct tape, PVC fittings or cobbled together adapters.

With years of field experience to draw on and a call to National Metal Fabricators, Elk Grove Village, IL, The HAT design was developed to address those specific problems that were ever present on the job; durability to last under harsh job conditions, an easy on/off latch clamp attachment and safety. “The problems that Mark had, and solved with The HAT, are no different than what other field operators experience,” said Tom Bonine, President of National Metal Fabricators.

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