Naresh Bynagari shares his secrets of success through work and life

Pressure explodes pipes but also makes diamonds.

The impact of pressure on performance can be depicted using a curve that resembles an inverted ‘U’. With an increase in pressure, we can see an increase in the productivity up to moderate levels and as the pressure increases further, the productivity starts to decline. Consider a deadline for a mission critical project, it will certainly produce a motivating effect, driving people irrespective of their level of ability whereas, a task that is neither essential nor challenging in relation to a high degree of competence, minimal effort may be made. Likewise, if a minor problem appears to be too difficult for one’s ability, little action may be taken. Whether it’s about avoiding pain or experiencing pleasure, importance is a vital determinant in taking action.

The degree of determination and tenacity is also a key determinant of success in a given situation. When confronted by a great challenge, which they consider extremely difficult but at the same time, vital to their existence, people will go great lengths to succeed, even if it requires to put in their sweat, tears and the last drop of their blood. Eventually, it all comes down to persistence, drive and a lot of hard work.

Naresh Babu Bynagari is proactive, determined, and ambitious technology professional who makes working under pressure, in a highly dynamic environment, look like a breeze. To overcome obstacles on the path to success, it takes considerable endurance, determination, and a deep commitment with an unwavering focus on the target, and Naresh exemplifies all of these qualities.

Naresh was born and raised in an underprivileged Indian household, in Makta Village in Ghatkesar Mandal, Telangana. Owing to low level of education, his parents, Nagabushanam and Padma earned enough to feed their family, but only enough to fulfil absolutely basic needs, let alone wants or luxury and education was certainly luxury, something that they never really experienced. They were determined to guarantee a bright future for their 3 children, and by what life had already taught them, they were sure that education is the key. Thus, when the local school at their native village couldn’t fit the bill, they moved to the city nearby to ensure the best possible education for Naresh.

After moving to the city, his father started a dairy farming business. He worked tirelessly to ensure that he could meet the financial needs of his family. Although the profit was reasonable, his expenses also increased significantly. School, tuition, rent and other essentials led them to live paycheck to paycheck slowly piling up the burden of debt. Naresh never understood the sacrifices his parents made for him until one day when he saw his father on a hospital bed, bruised due to an accident while on his way to deliver milk on his bicycle. As they say, only when something runs out, it becomes noticeable. Looking at his father in such a state, he suddenly realized the value of life and how he had been so casual about it. That very moment was the turning point in his life when he pledged to be the person his parents wished him to be. He started working very hard and poured in his blood, sweat and tears to score excellent grades in his high school and bagged a seat in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Sciences. He completed several professional courses relating to his field of study which further sharpened his skills as a technology professional. By the time he completed his college, he had made up his mind to immigrate to the US to optimally utilize his potential and he achieved excellent scores in the GRE and TOEFL. He obtained his Master’s degree in Computer and Information Sciences from the Virginia International University and joined PCTEL RF Solutions as an Android Developer immediately after his college. He worked as a developer for around 6 years with organizations like TracFone Wireless and Synchronoss Technologies before joining Career Soft Solutions Inc as a Director of Sales and Operations.

Naresh is also a passionate researcher who has published 13 research papers in Scopus and other highly prestigious peer reviewed journals. His article “Integrated Reasoning Engine for Code Clone Detection” delves into the specifics of integrated reasoning for code clone detection and how it is conducted optimally, given the quantity of analytics often connected with such activities. “Industrial application of Internet of Things” is focused with the use of the IOT to create industrial services. It looked at how businesses may use IoT-connected devices to conduct different services remotely. The many advantages and disadvantages of using IoT services were also analyzed.

Naresh has proven to be a dynamic and multifaceted individual throughout his life. He is a very kind and empathetic individual who enjoys sharing the knowledge that he has gained throughout the years for the collective progress of the community.

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