Narendran Kizhakkekalappurackel Sankaran’s AI-powered Cloud Health Record System creates History

Houston, Texas – Oct 30, 2023 – The effectiveness and utility of AI-powered technology are noticeable in every sector and when it comes to the medical sector, Mr.Narendran has just added his latest contribution to world Science and Medical Technology. Introducing Narendran Kizhakkekalappurackel Sankaran, the person who created the largest AI-powered electronic Health Record and Radiology information systems by combining EHR and RIS in one platform. Under the all-in-one platform of Binsera, the company has offered the latest technology for “Patient Data Tracker”. This system is suitable for any kind of facility, starting from single-provider practices to large hospital groups. With its scalable aspects, multi-facility healthcare organizations can also utilize it. 

This latest technological masterpiece by Narendran is going to bring a big change in the medical sector with its efficiency and affordability. The smart EHR includes all of the key administrative clinical data relevant to that person’s care under a particular provider, including demographics, progress notes, problems, Charts, past medical history, medications, laboratory data, Pharmacy, vital signs, immunizations, radiology images, and reports. So, it is an all-in-one solution that requires no third-party integration. This latest AI-powered system is capable of improving staff productivity in many ways which makes it ideal for hospitals and other medical institutions. The system also allows to keep track of every data online which provides an opportunity to monitor patients remotely.

The Patient Data Tracker can help to identify and maintain a patient record with complete data tracking, It can manage clinical documents, and notes, and helps in patient monitoring and engagement. There are options for text Automation and Conversational texting that improve overall interaction and workflow with a Centralized platform for information. The AI-powered tracker by Binsera can greatly reduce human errors and improve efficiency. The options for QR Code scanners, HIPAA-compliant, and cloud data storage make this system a reliable tool for medical organizations. The medical sector is always evolving with the latest technology and experiments, and this AI-based system is one of the wonders.

Since covid-19 pandemic started in 2020 Mr.Narndran has understood the urgency and requirement of a Patient-Centered EHR system where the patient can manage their appointments, view, Print, or share their medical records, set follow up reminders, medication alerts, Vital Information and Charts, No touching QR code to confirm appointment when they reach the facility, Manage all of their personal, social and medical related information including lab results on the patient dashboard. we started working on the project in 2020 but it took more than 3 years to develop the software and we are now fully equipped with Web applications, Native Mobile apps as well and Progressive web apps where anyone can install the app on any device just from browser and no need to go any app store and we made it very simple. 

Mr.Narendran has developed to solve two major problems of patients

First, individuals are the first direct users. Individuals cannot manage and keep paper-based medical records very well and are easy to lose. Each time they go to private hospitals or public hospitals, and make referrals, it is very inconvenient to carry the previous paper medical records. By using our electronic medical record management software, patients can upload all previous health data and medical record data to our cloud data center by taking pictures, scanning, manual input, and control editing and can also link medical devices to upload measured blood pressure data, and blood sugar data at home. No matter where the patients are, at any time, as long as they connect to the Internet, they can quickly assess and browse their personal medical records. This electronic medical record management platform also has complete functions such as disease analysis, follow-up reminders, physical examination reminders, vaccination reminders for infants and young children, vital signs data monitoring, first aid for the elderly, and so on. Second, doctors are the second significant users, indirect users. When patients go to private clinics, community hospitals, or transfer hospitals, they can log into the mobile phone software or web platform and show their history medical records, medical history, and medical examination data to doctors. That way can improve doctors’ writing efficiency, diagnosis and treatment accuracy, and medication accuracy. It can also avoid repeated blood tests, laboratory tests, and ultrasound tests saving medical resources, and reducing the burden of patients’ medical expenses.

The hospitals are able to improve the quality of service with this smart EHR/EMR as it is best known for fully automated patient activities monitoring and quality reporting. Empowering the medical organizations, this AI-based solution can also help to manage the increasing demand in the medical sector. Starting from the patients to the work of Physician, Nurses, Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Radiology; this all-in-one platform is recommended for all kinds of organizations. The smart EHR can also help to boost patient satisfaction while reducing patient wait time. It can eliminate staff overheads by improving productivity and quality of work. It can also help to recapture revenue. The system can generate automated appointment reminders so that nobody ever misses an appointment. The system also helps to reduce risk factors significantly by streamlining patient dosing. It automates pre-visit Admin Tasks so every individual can get a maximum outcome with minimum input, making the whole process more efficient and streamlined through a common portal synced with a whole workforce as well as the patients.

The Smart EHR by Binsera consists of a Patient-centered design that integrates 100% paperless operations into hospitals and other medical organizations. So, while improving efficiency; it is also paving the way for a greener environment with wastage and requirements for paper that comes from trees. Implementing an eco-friendly and sustainable design in the market, this latest AI-based technology is the launch pad for green medical sectors. The EHR also helps to secure data instantly on its input as the whole system is based on cloud computing. Therefore, there is no room for data loss and all the tracks are recorded for future usage. Therefore, the system can be also used for investigation and other purposes; making it a multi-industry tool.

The EHR is also 24/7/365 live and on-call support which increases patient or customer satisfaction. Automated intake appointments make sure no individual waits for the process and gets their dedicated slot immediately based on the schedule. It helps to increase admissions and efficiency while improving team collaboration and information sharing. This AI-driven technology is capable of accelerating laboratory test results while controlling the cost of the tests. Along with Integrated Radiology Information Systems; this latest technology can help to maximize revenue opportunities with a successful pipeline ahead. It ensures the highest quality patient care while saving both, time and money. However, integrating any big cloud system requires ample time and training to get used to. Considering the needs of the users, Binsera provides 24/7 Technical assistance site staff training, and free data migration to offer complete guidance in the process. 

Evidently, the smart EHR system comes with a handful of beneficial functions which makes it a reliable and affordable choice for every hospital and medical institute. Suitable for all kinds of healthcare businesses, this all-in-one platform is also compatible with all kinds of devices as there are native mobile apps and web applications. Therefore, patient data can be tracked and monitored at any time and from anywhere. The AI-driven EHR system is also open to options for customization, which means each healthcare business can have its individual systems integrated based on its business needs and preferences. The company makes sure to go through a complete consultation before proceeding. The all-in-one system can incorporate the ideas of clients as there is plenty of room for creativity and innovation.

Binsera is one of the leading names in the field of smart technology that is bringing a huge change in the tech sector. Its advanced tools and technological inventions can bring the future here. Due to its knowledge and experience, the company can help businesses grow with services like email marketing, offline SEO, social media marketing, growth hacking lead generation, web development, and many other services. Founding member Narendran Kizhakkekalappurackel Sankaran is a man of innovation himself who is looking forward to contributing more to the world of Science and Technology. Hospitals and healthcare centers can visit the official website at to integrate their smart “Patient Data Tracker”. 

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