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What exactly is a nanny’s job? Is it to simply care for the kids of others, feed them, clean them and leave them? Well maybe for some, however when you’re a nanny to the rich and famous of Beverly Hills it’s a whole other job description.  If you are looking to get some comedic in-site then you must watch the new series Nannies.  The series focuses on the lives of four young women and the complex and demanding lives they lead as nannies to the children of the elite.  The writers of the show have done something that is usually never done, they have remained completely anonymous.  It’s said that the show is written by two real nannies who cared for the children of some serious Hollywood royalty.  Obviously, we understand having to keep everything covert due to that, but we had an exclusive preview at the first season which will be available for streaming later this year and it is very obvious why the writers are remaining anonymous. 

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This all female cast stars the amazingly talented Lilly Dennis, Ximena Casillas, Mela Lopez and Daphne Alarcon.  Nannies gives a unique look at the different types of skills it takes to be a nanny to children that are always being hidden from the spotlight following their parents. These parents are constantly absent and raising their children falls straight to, you guessed it, the nanny.  The cast is extremely diverse and a true reflection of the world we walk around in.  What is also extraordinary is that Nannies is equal parts Spanish and English dialogue, appealing to a wider audience. Now while this show tackles some serious subjects, it is straight up hilarious.  The casting of this show was crucial to make it a success, as it takes a very specific and talented cast to manage this type of script. 

Nannies is shot so that the kids are never fully scene on screen, a very funny aspect to the show that adds to its comedic element.  According to production Nannies will be available on a streaming service yet to be announced by November of 2019, while there is a wait trust me it is well worth it.  

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