Nail Snail: A Game Changer in Trimming Baby Nails

“My little one is happy and now she lets me trim her nails with nail snail easily.
– Brooke”
Christie & Christie has come up with an Amazing Solution for Baby Grooming: Product Launching Kickstarter Campaign Soon

Banora Point, Australia Australian based Christie & Christie has announced the release of their amazing invention called the Nail Snail. Christie & Christie is an Australian based family-run company and this baby nail trimmer is a reflection of their dedication and hard work.  Julia Christie, a mother and the CEO of Christie & Christie, invented this amazing trimmer after three years of extensive research on dealing with the problems faced by parents while cutting their baby’s nails.

“I loved the easy-grip shell of the Nail Snail as well as the overall safety of the design. My baby (16 months) could inspect and play with the Nail Snail without me worrying about any sharp bits. Functional and fun,” said Nina,  a satisfied mother who tried this nail care tool on her own baby.

“My little one (19 months) was more than happy to let me cut her nails with the fun Nail Snail. It turned a previously traumatic task into fun play,” said Brooke, user of revolutionary trimmer.

“As a father of two children (4 years and 9 weeks) cutting my children’s nails always makes me nervous and I try to avoid it for fear of cutting them. The Nail Snail is a brilliant and easy to use solution that takes away all those worries.” – Richard

Users of this 3-in-1 tool have shared amazing feedback and the Nail Snail is gaining rapid recognition. With the new Kickstarter campaign launching soon, Julia aims to get pre orders and start mass-production of this nail care tool that is not only safe but also fast and easy to use. Medical-grade stainless steel has been used in making this multi-purpose trimmer that has several amazing features.

“Using a fun looking nail cutter like the Nail Snail made my little man (10 months) happy to sit still. It made cutting his nails much easier for me. But the main thing I love about it is how fast it is! Using a regular nail clipper takes three times as long,” said Lovely Salvador, a satisfied parent who is happy to use the trimmer. Christie & Christie aims to make parents happy worldwide with this cute little nail trimmer that both babies and parents are going to love.

Not only does it have a nail trimmer and a nail file, it also cleans under the nails and works on toenails! It looks like a cute little snail and is suitable for babies, toddlers and children. The precision V shaped blade and a clever safety guard that make the trimming more precise and safe even on newborns. In addition, there is an ergonomically designed rubber grip handle on the trimmer that maximizes control while ensuring that the process is being done gently.

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