NaijaTab, Nigerian Forum and Online Community For Naija People

NaijaTab is a Nigerian online community for Nigerians home and abroad to discuss topics like politics, sports and entertainment. The purpose of NaijaTab is to promote unity among Nigerians and to increase our knowledge on our beloved Nation. NaijaTab hopes to grow to a large community like Nairaland were positivity and progress is shared among the members. NaijaTab is a new and innovative Nigerian Forum that hopes to be keep up with changing time and also promote advancement within the Nigerian community. NaijaTab Nigerian Forum hopes to be home to all the 200 plus tribes in Nigeria.

NaijaTab means a virtual page on the internet for Nigerians and breaking it further, Naija is a slang for Nigeria as we all know and Tab is an opened web page which equates to Nigeria on a web page. We hope the NaijaTab would only promote unity, peace and progress among Nigerians in a time like this. NaijaTab will expand to cover all the 36 states in Nigeria and by doing this, we will be able to keep ourselves updated on situation and happenings in our individual states.

On NaijaTab, we hope to share our Naija rich culture and promote love among ourselves, our country is forever expanding and we hope that our love for one another is too. Nigeria, being the giant of Africa, has to lead the way for other African Nations to follow. It is crucial that Nigeria sees development and growth and we hope to contribute to the success of this by sharing our crucial thoughts and important information among ourselves. We hope that NaijaTab would be a virtual home among Nigerians both home and abroad.

The future for NaijaTab is that we hope to become a bigger brand in Nigeria, we will strive to set a better standard for Nigerians to follow that we help us to be a better representation of what it means to be a Nigerian. NaijaTab hopes to be a global ambassador for Nigerians all around the world. NaijaTab is for all Nigerians that are proud to be a Nigerian. Our vision is for Nigerians to share their ideas and take actions that will move our country forward and be where want it to be.

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